How often do you wish for a small office area in your apartment? Is your apartment so tiny that you think there’s no space? Don’t give up on the idea just yet because you don’t need soaring ceilings nor even an entire room to set up a successful home office. A little imagination paves the way to productivity in your new apartment. We’ve drawn from our work-at-home experience to bring you a bit of our space-saving wisdom with these four tips.

Your Apartment’s Unique Small Office; 4 Designing Tips

Small office design

Envision Your Style

Design your space with functionality, however, first, think about your color scheme and personal style. This sets you on the right track to designing before you bring in chairs or desks. Do you work best in front of a window, or is a cozy corner in the living room your new work retreat? Think about color, too. Dark blue walls and dark wood help us with focus while brightly colored chairs and lamps provide a pop of creativity.

Think About Location

A walk-in closet is a charming space for more privacy while you work on your projects. Use a narrow desk and bring in shelves to keep materials organized and available. A small nook that uses wooden shelves for a desk maximizes your creative space for a unique design. Alternatively, if you want to use the bedroom or living room, find a well-lit corner and sprinkle it with color. Layer your shelving so you have room for reference materials and resources.

Create Space

If you’re lost on ways to find space for a home office in your upscale apartment, don’t give up yet. Instead, get creative and make a new space. Divide a room with a divider to section off a small area so that your work and leisure activities are separate. If you don’t have enough floor space, install a floating desk along the wall. If your desk is running low on space, mount your computer monitor on the wall.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Whether you’re using a lift-top coffee table to store materials or use your bookshelf as desk space, you’ll need to employ as many multi-function pieces as possible. These items help to minimize cluttered spaces which can lead to distraction and frustration.

First, work on a clear vision. Then, find the right location and use your imagination to create a unique small office space just for you. We wish you the very best success as you build your business from your productive home office.

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