Home Design Using Aromatherapy
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Home Design Using Aromatherapy

Interior design is developed primarily with the sense of sight in mind, but did you know how powerful the sense of smell is in creating an emotional response? You can literally create energy in a room or relaxation in a room by aromatherapy.…
Modern Trends in Fireplace Design
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Energize the Spirit of Your Home, With Modern Gas Fireplaces

MODERN GAS FIREPLACES The modern fireplaces along with the stylized fire enclosed by shiny metal and colored glass are very much different from the conventional brick fireplaces of the past. The design of modern fireplaces is pushing…

Halloween Tablescape Inspiration

To some, tablescaping is an art form on its own merits. With Halloween coming up this weekend, I'd like to share this charming yet spooky tablescape decor from Walker Edison. Their black and white dining room is “living outside the box”…
Living room wood slab table with DIY Halloween decor project. Glass vase wrapped in orange tulle ribbon holding candy corn next to tiny fresh pumpkins and squash with American Home by Yankee Candle fragrances

A Plastic Pumpkin…Really? Repurpose What You Already Have For Seasonal Décor Projects

This post has been sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and Yankee Candle. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveAmericanHome #CollectiveBias I am not one for store bought witches, plastic pumpkins or Santa Clauses, to me they just look…
Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Inspire You
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4 Thanksgiving Centerpieces That Will Inspire You!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so, here are some fabulous and fun Thanksgiving Centerpiece ideas that will dazzle your guests.

4 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

There is still time to put together a great last minute, quick Halloween costume! Here are four last minute Halloween costume ideas.
Fall Decorating Ideas

Gotta See Fall Decorating

Ready for the decor of fall? Here are our top three favorite fall decorating ideas to lighten, brighten, and bring warmth into your home.
Fun Halloween Drinks For Your Next Party

Fun Halloween Drinks For Your Next Party

What’s better than amazing cocktails for the Halloween season to add fun to the celebration? Here are three Halloween cocktail recipes for you to try!

Fantastic Fall Wreaths You Must See

The summer is already gone but that doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year!

Fabulous Fall Centerpieces You Need To See

You don't need a special season to decorate your home. So fill your space with fabulous colors, vintage pieces and centerpieces galore.
Creating Warm Home Decor For Fall

Creating Warm Home Decor For Fall

With the cool fall month of September just around the corner, it is time to get rid of the summer decor and gear up for a beautiful fall. Here are our top three favorite fall home trends to lighten, brighten, and bring warmth into your home. Warm…
Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and thanks to Angelina Jolie’s very public announcement that she’d had both breasts removed due to her increased risk of breast cancer, many of us are much more aware of the need for regular mammograms…