The summer is already gone but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. On the contrary, autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, the feeling of which you can bring directly into your home in the form of an interesting decorative wreath. This little element will bring a lot of color into your property and will help you better transition from one season to another.

The fall is the perfect time to perform a late deep cleaning or renovating in the house. You can begin with the complete sanitation of the different rooms in your home, as you don’t miss all that spaces which are hard to reach like under the bed or behind the refrigerator. The thorough cleaning of the home is important but so is nice decorating. When you are done with the disinfection of your place you can think about the easiest ways to bring autumn into your property, and one of them is with a nice wreath which you can do yourself.

Fantastic Fall Wreaths

 You can use different kinds of materials for the creation of this new autumn decoration for your home. Some of them you can find outside while others you can buy from the store. The wreath you are making has to blend with the design of the room you put it in. There are many ways to create a wreath. Here are a few ways to make a fall wreath:

Fabric Wreath

For a fabric wreath you will need several pieces of fabric, preferably in orange and yellow, but you can make any other combinations you like. You will also need a wire hanger and a ribbon, or some other similar thing. First you have to create a circle by twisting the wired hanger. After that you take each piece of fabric and tie a knot on the circle. When you are done, all that is left for you to do is tie the ribbon at a certain part of the wreath and hang it.

Leafy Wreath

This kind of wreath is also very easy to make and it doesn’t require anything special. A couple of leaves in different colors, a little piece of cardboard and some glue will be enough. First, you have to cut out a round shape from the cardboard, which will serve as a base for your wreath. Then using the glue, start placing leaves on the shape, until it is completely covered. You can either hang your new leafy wreath on the wall or place it somewhere along with your other autumn decorations.

Branch Wreath

Fantastic Fall Wreaths

The simplest wreath you can create is by using a couple of long branches. Collect them from the parks while you are out on a fall walk, along with several leaves in different colors, which you can either include in the same wreath or save for an additional fall decoration. The other things you will need include a little piece of fabric of your choosing, some glue and thread. First you have to put all branches together and bend them carefully until they attain a round shape. Then tie them in several spots with the thread, as you make sure you use as much as needed to keep the wreath stable. You can cut different shapes from the fabric, glue them together in a separate thread and attach them to the branches.

With our useful tips you will be able to transform your home and prepare it for the fall. As you can see the DIY projects don’t take more than an hour while the results are really great.

Written by: DomesticCleanLondon North London

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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