Kitchen Planning - Clean, Great-Tasting Water

Kitchen Planning – Clean, Great-Tasting Water

When you're doing your kitchen planning, deciding where the water comes in, goes out and is best used is an important set of decisions.

Kitchen Planning – a Newspaper Feature

Welcome to kitchen planning! A Detroit News article is below which features Patricia's kitchen planning advice. So, take a look at what she recommends. Then, see how beautifully a kitchen with excellent planning looks! Thinking of…
Invest in your Contemporary Kitchen

Things to Consider Before you Invest in your Contemporary Kitchen

A new kitchen represents a substantial investment for the majority of the UK's households. Your choice now will likely be with you for more than a decade, so it is imperative that you make the right decisions rather than having to embark on…

Share From the Heart in Your Country Kitchen

Your kitchen is the soul of the home and what better way to express yourself than to display the items near and dear to your heart in your country kitchen.

5 Tricks to Make Delicious Sushi at Home

There are a few stepping stones involved in learning to become a competent Sushi chef, and here are five tips to make sushi at home.

Kitchen Remodeling Musts

We asked the experts, what is one concept or planning strategy that must be in every kitchen remodeling project? Learn the hottest trends!

Kitchen Remodeling – 3 Pro Tips for DIY Home Improvement

DIY home improvement doesn't mean you can't get some tips and even help from the pros! We want to help you with some tips from a professional.
Your Kitchen Spring Makeover

Your Kitchen Spring Makeover: What are your options?

Making a fresh kitchen space for the spring may not be as hard as you think. An old-looking kitchen can only be truly made over. Read to learn more.
Fail To Plan • Plan To Fail

“Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail”

Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail! Truer words were never spoken. The mistake I see people make is hiring the contractor before they have a plan.

Countertops That Pop

My clients are often ask me if they should use more than one countertop material in their kitchen design, but, I always choose to color outside the lines.
contemporary coastal kitchen design detail. Custom design glass shelf around columns over cooktop

Glass Adds Class to This Kitchen

This remodel was a 1970's property on the inter-coastal waterway. This is a prime example of how glass adds class to your interior designs.
small contemporary kitchen with white cabinetry, peninsula seating at layered wood and stone countertops

Before and After – Making a Small Kitchen Feel Big

Kitchen Makeover Before and After by Patricia Davis Brown - Design Inspiration for your DIY Kitchen Makeover. You will love this design!