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Why you should invest in vintage signs
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Why You Should Invest in Vintage Signs

In today's world of sleek and modern design, vintage signs offer a refreshing contrast that can bring warmth and character to any living space. These timeless decorative pieces add a touch of nostalgia and can evoke a sense of sentimentality…

Tips For Unique Wall Design Ideas

Walls are the frame of each room and it's important to include them in your design ideas. Here are some unique wall design ideas for you.
Spice Up A Boring Wall - Bathroom wall art

5 Affordable Ways To Spice Up A Boring Wall

Walls may seem lifeless if there’s nothing but monochromatic paint. So, why not consider these inspirations to spice up a boring wall?
Say Goodbye to Boring Blank Walls

Say Goodbye to Boring Blank Walls

Say goodbye to boring blank walls and learn how to fill them with memorable decor – even if it’s your first attempt at DIY decorating!
What’s Trending for Wallpaper Designs for 2019

What’s Trending for Wallpaper Designs for 2019

Like disco, wallpaper designs were a huge hit back in the 1970s. A couple of decades passed before the decorative room idea started to lose its popularity. Many homeowners began looking at other ways to adorn the walls inside of their homes.…
Your Wall with a Mini-Gallery

Spruce Up Your Wall with a Mini-Gallery

Do you have a wall that needs dressing up? While cruising through the internet today, I ran across the mini-gallery idea for wall decor. This is a great project that anyone can do in a few hours to spice up an empty wall. Or, you can spend…

Affordable DIY Projects that Transform Your Home

We are constantly looking for ways to transform our home and improve it. Big DIY projects are sometimes beyond us due to time restraints and our budgets. However, there are plenty of other affordable DIY projects that take no time at all and…
Accents of Black & White Home Decor
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Accents of Black & White is Hot in Home Décor

Accents of Black & White make a strong statement to any room design. This combination can lend itself to any design style such as traditional, contemporary or transitional. Whichever style you chose it will be important to find the…

Wallpaper Ideas

Got a wall in your home that you want to stand out from the rest? If you're looking for wallpaper inspirations, keep reading to learn more.