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DIY Pet Toys

Tips for DIY Pet Toys

DIY fans love to try out new projects for anything they can, and pet supplies are no exception. You can create DIY pet toys and beds for any furry member of your family. Just keep in mind if your pet tends to eat things, be vigilant when it…
vacation property rental

Boost Your Income from Your Vacation Property Rental

If you own a vacation property rental, here are some valuable tips to help maximize your income from your vacation property rentals today!
7 Ways To Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly

7 Ways To Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly

If you have a dog that you treasure, we invite you to keep reading to learn about how to make your backyard dog-friendly and safe.
8 ways to prepare your home for a dog

8 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Dog

Owning a dog is a beautiful experience. They're loving, loyal, and lots of fun. Keep reading for eight ways to prepare your home for a dog.
Aquarium Essentials for Healthy Fish

8 Essentials to Add to Your Aquarium

Looking for easy, low-maintenance pets that don’t require too much of your time to care for? While fish are among the easiest pets to take care of, keeping your fish healthy means properly maintaining an aquarium. This requires considerably…
Keep Your New Home Safe

6 Simple Tips to Keep Your New Home Safe

Congratulations – you’re the proud owner of a new home. For now, though, the work doesn’t end. You still have to make sure all the moving-house essentials are done, like changing your address, packing, and unpacking boxes. But, most importantly,…
4 Steps to a Pet-Friendly Yard for Your Home

4 Steps to a Pet-Friendly Yard for Your Home

Is your yard pet-friendly? If not, it's up to you to make sure that your lawn and landscape are conducive to a pet-friendly yard. The trick is to balance the safety of your pet while protecting your yard from damage. However, you can…
4 Tips to Pet-proof Your Lawn and Garden

4 Tips to Pet-proof Your Lawn and Garden

Our pets are our dearest friends but we must pet-proof our landscaping if we want to share the yard with them. For instance, dogs like to dig up your plants and lawns and their waste destroys grass. You must also take into account the damage…
Home Technology

Home Technology, Is It Going Too Far?

With the millennial generation now old enough to start buying homes, it only makes sense that the houses are as tech-savvy as their owners. Who doesn’t want to get home after a long day at work and be greeted by a full pot of coffee that…
Shop pet gifts for your pet on the internet.
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The Best Pet Gifts Found on the Internet

Our pets are more than just animals, they are members of our family. It has been proven that having a pet brings happiness to your life. Therefore, when a special occasion occurs for your pet, such as a birthday or anniversary, you should…

Room Décor That Integrates Your Dogs Comforts; 10 Dog Bed Design Ideas

My job is creating spaces that make people feel good and comfortable at the same time. When I am designing the interior for a home, I take into consideration everyone that lives there and their needs for comfort. A lot of times that involve…
Dig Your Dog House Design

Dig Your Dog House Design

Do you want a dog house that's out of the ordinary? Here are some design inspirations for making a dog house that fits your dog and your backyard style!