Is your yard pet-friendly? If not, it’s up to you to make sure that your lawn and landscape are conducive to a pet-friendly yard. The trick is to balance the safety of your pet while protecting your yard from damage.

However, you can have a great outdoor space that is ideal for both humans and pets to hang out in. You simply need to spend some time planning the landscape so that it’s pet-friendly. To accomplish this, I’d like to offer you these points to consider.

Ensure Your Lawn is Pet-Friendly

Add a Safe Space to Your Yard

You may not be able to watch your pet every second they spend running around outside. However, if you plan ahead, you don’t have to watch them continuously. One way to accomplish this is to create a fence or wall so that your pet is confined within a safe space in your yard.

Add a pet-friendly fence

To provide this safe space, you can provide a fenced-off space inside the yard. This tactic is especially effective if you have a smaller pet such as a rabbit. An additional side benefit is that internal fencing also protects your lawn from pet damage.

Include Protective Shading in Your Landscape

Over-exposure to the hot sun isn’t good for humans or pets alike. So, it’s important to provide shelter from the sun for your pets.

Additionally, you can include trees and shrubbery in your landscape. Or, you may want to build a proper pet shelter to provide protection from hot weather.

Avoid Poisonous Plants and Chemicals

You are probably aware that traditional pesticides and fertilizers contain chemicals that can be harmful to pets. This is one reason why choosing an organic lawn makes sense. However,  chemicals are not the only potential danger to your pet.

The plants that you choose for your landscape could also be poisonous to your pet. That makes it very important that you check for potential danger when you decide which plants to add to your landscaping. Every geographic area has plants that are poisonous so check with your local authorities for plants in your region that you’ll want to void.

Give Your Pets Room to Run and Play

Most pets like to be entertained but, you cannot do this all the time, so it’s a good idea to invest in some toys that they can play with when they out in the yard. Especially dogs, regardless of size, need plenty of space to run and play.

Pet-friendly room to run and play

If you don’t have a large yard, then, take them to a park or field once or twice a day, so that they can run around freely and get that healthy exercise that they need.

Your pet deserves to be able to join in the outdoors fun with the rest of the family. So, make sure that your lawn and the rest of your landscape are designed in a way that makes your yard a pet-friendly zone. You can use fencing to protect your lawn and your pet in addition to a play zone so to keep your pet safe and happy.

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