Congratulations – you’re the proud owner of a new home. For now, though, the work doesn’t end. You still have to make sure all the moving-house essentials are done, like changing your address, packing, and unpacking boxes. But, most importantly, you need to ensure that your new home is safe.

Protecting your assets and family is a top priority when moving into any new house. Here are 6 simple tips to keep your new home safe.

Keep Your New Home Safe with These Important Tips

Install a Home Security System

Install security system to keep your new home safe

Home security systems consist of a number of features that, when working together, can help to provide the ultimate protection for your home. There are lots of features in most alarm systems, however, the primary purpose is to provide an alarm that alerts you when someone intrudes on your property.

Use Gravel to Your Advantage

Here’s a cost-friendly home security solution. Lay down a gravel border around your house. The purpose of this is to alert you to the presence of any unwanted intruders outside your windows or doors. Try to keep bushes and hedges to a minimum, too, especially on your front drive, so you’re not giving intruders a place to hide.

Change Your Locks

You simply don’t know how many spare keys your home’s seller had. Furthermore, there might still be a few keys with neighbors. So, be sure to get in touch with a professional with a locksmith tool supply to get your locks changed prior to moving in to keep your new home safe.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Get to know your neighbors

Your relationship with your neighbors really makes a difference when it comes to home security. If you’re on good terms with your neighbors, they’re more likely to look out for you and report anything suspicious back to you. The more they know about you, the better they’ll be able to judge whether the stranger at your house is a friend of yours or an intruder.

Review Your Smoke Alarms

The World Fire Safety Foundation advises that you place smoke alarms outside sleeping areas and in each sleeping room. Your new house might already have smoke alarms. But, it’s still worth checking them to decide if they need replacing altogether or simply need new batteries.

Adopt a Family Pet

Get a family pet to add safety

There’s no better time to adopt a furry friend than when you first move into your new property. For many people, a new home might be the first property they’ve purchased. That means waving goodbye to rental rules and restrictions, and hello to new freedom. Animals, especially dogs, are fantastic to keep your new home safe. So, consider welcoming a pet into the family to keep your new home safe.

What tips do you want to add to these to keep your new home safe? We’d love to know in the comments below. In addition, you will find other useful links below that might assist you when moving into a new home.

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