DIY fans love to try out new projects for anything they can, and pet supplies are no exception. You can create DIY pet toys and beds for any furry member of your family. Just keep in mind if your pet tends to eat things, be vigilant when it plays with new toys.

DIY Pet Toys

DIY Pet Toys

Here are some easy, and low-cost ideas for DIY pet toys:

DIY Toys for Dogs

Dogs are well known for their love for playful toys and a soft place where they can rest. Here are a few items you can create for your fluffy family member.

Braided rope: Braid an old T-shirt or two into a pigtail to create a braided rope to play with your dog.

Treat in a tennis ball: Make a narrow hole in an old tennis ball, put something tasty in it, then give it to your dog. Now let him figure out how to get a treat out.

Soft bed: Cut out two rectangles of fabric according to the size of the sunbed. Using scissors, turn the edges into a fringe, making 7-10 centimeters cuts. Then, between two fabric blanks, put any soft filler (old things, foam rubber, synthetic synthetic veneer, batting) and tie the upper and lower fringe strips together with knots. This bed will be a great place for your dog to rest.

Bottle of water in a sock: Place an empty water bottle in the sock and tie off the top. Just be aware if the

DIY Toys for Cats

Cats as pets have other needs than dogs and a different approach to playing.  And when we talk about needs we mean not only special ones connected to the breed (which you can know more about if you take a cat breed test). But we mean more about the common needs like scratching posts or their enormous love for boxes. 

Toy on tape: Tie a piece of light fabric, feathers, a candy wrapper, or another thing that is attractive to the cat to a ribbon or thick thread. The toy is ready!

Stump-scratching post: Cut thick cardboard into strips about 6 centimeters wide. Roll the first strip tightly into a cylinder and capture the end with tape. Attach and wind the following strips one by one until the stump has the diameter you need. You can glue fabric on the bottom, and decorate it with real bark or cork on the side. Put the finished stump on the floor and sprinkle it with catnip.

Cardboard box: This is already an unconditional feline favorite, but it can be improved. Make round holes on the sides so your cat can stick its paw in.

Cat tent: You will need a T-shirt, two pieces of wire, and a piece of cardboard measuring 40 x 40 centimeters. Make two U-shaped arches of wire, and connect them crosswise with tape. Make small holes in the corners of the cardboard. Insert the ends of the wire into them, bend and secure them with tape. Put the resulting design into a T-shirt so that the neck is the entrance, and tuck and fasten the shirt’s bottom and sleeves. You can also lay something soft inside your cat’s favorite toy.

Toys for Parrots

Our favorite feathered friends have usually an adventurous and inquisitive personalities. Here are some ideas for DIY pet toys for them.

Swing: Find a strong branch that your parrot can comfortably wrap its paw around and attach a thick wire to it. Another option: make two holes in a wooden block and thread a thick thread through them. Pieces of wood and colorful beads can be strung on it. The swing can be hung both in the cage and outside it.

Staircase: Parrots are also acrobats, so a ladder made of thin ropes will surely captivate them. You can also supplement the design with cardboard cylinders. The main thing is that the ropes are strong and the bird does not eat their fibers, so it is better to take dense synthetics.

Acrobatic ball: To create this toy, you will need two embroidery hoops. Connect the two hoops at a right angle, tie the joints with a thread, and fasten one more part of the hoop. Wrap all parts with a strong thread, and add a pendant in the middle – you’re done.

Toys for Hamsters

While there are several tunnels you can buy for your hamster, try creating these fun options.

Tunnels: To create them, sheets of cardboard or a toilet paper sleeve are suitable. You can make a small tunnel or a whole labyrinth. And to keep your hamster motivated put his favorite treat at the exit of the tunnel.

Amusement park:  Make obstacles out of small things of various shapes, including children’s toys and figurines, and a toilet paper sleeve. There will naturally be something tasty for the hamster, for example, pieces of fruit you have hidden.

House: Small boxes and plastic containers are at your disposal. From the boxes, you can make a house with several levels, passages, and ladders. It can be made from the same toilet paper sleeve, and the ladders can be made from ice cream sticks or any other material at hand.

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