So your piping broke, your floor is cracked, and your chair is wobbling. Instead of making the expensive call to a handyman company, you might decide to fix the problem yourself! Or maybe you want to build something crafty.  But first, you will need a few sets of materials to ensure that your DIY project goes smoothly.

Top DIY Materials to Have on Hand

Top DIY Materials to Have on Hand

Here are some DIY materials you should keep around:

Handy DIY Materials: A Toolkit

You won’t be doing any do-it-yourself work without a solid set of tools. If you don’t have a tool kit, create one. It should be stocked with simple things: Hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. Keep your toolkit somewhere easily accessible when you need it.


Having a few different types of wood can not only help you build and repair a wide array of things but leftover wood can be used to make smaller items. There’s nothing like working with your hands and turning all those scraps from your project into something else. 

A good wood like marine plywood can be very helpful for all sorts of DIY projects, especially since wood grows with age and gets a wonderful patina that can’t be duplicated by synthetic products.

Useful DIY Materials: Gravel & Concrete

These items might be better used in outdoor projects or the garage, but they are useful to have around. Gravel has a lot of textures and can lend itself to a great many designs and projects when used correctly.

Don’t be afraid to do some research and examine all the gravel options. You will want to ensure you are selecting the right one for your project.

Laminate Flooring

This is a synthetic floor project that is perfect for any beginner because you can take all the planks and then click them together like a giant puzzle piece. Additionally, sometimes a glue backing is included to help them stick to the floor or even the wall if you want to add a touch of extra design. As long as you install the flooring correctly, it will be a snap to put into your home and it can also come with a lot of customizability as well.

Plus, it is very easy to clean as long as you sweep it once and a while and keep the laminate dry! Don’t let water sit on the laminate flooring for a long while, because it will soak into the thin multilayers and start to warp and crack the flooring. 

Always Have These DIY Materials: Paint & Tape

Sometimes all you need to spruce up a room is a nice coat of paint. Having some paint on hand can help when you need to cover up a spot on the wall. It can also aid you in any painting tasks you come across.

Tape is also very handy to have for covering edges when you paint. You also might need some for any DIY project.

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