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7 Tips For A Sustainable Landscaping Backyard Design

7 Sustainable Landscaping Design Tips For Your Backyard

Landscaping your yard? Today, we bring you seven ways to achieve a sustainable landscaping design for an amazing backyard.
4 Common Landscaping Mistakes

Avoid These 4 Common Landscaping Mistakes in Your Yard

You might not realize that there is a right way and wrong way to landscape. In fact, there are common landscaping mistakes you can learn from.
9 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space When You Rent

9 Tips to Improve Your Outdoor Space When You Rent

It isn't easy to improve your outdoor space if you're renting but when you do, it becomes the biggest asset of your living space.
Landscape Lighting For Your Gardens

Things To Consider When Choosing Landscape Lighting For Your Garden

Landscape lighting is extremely popular these days, but you must also consider several things when choosing the best type of lights for your garden.
4 Crucial Planning Tips for Your Spring 2020 Landscape

4 Crucial Planning Tips for Your Spring 2020 Landscape

The cold veil of winter may be descending upon us as we speak but planning for a beautiful landscape in advance is never a bad idea. Over the next few months, homeowners will have plenty of opportunities to brainstorm, consult and otherwise…
Garden Enhancements That Make a Difference
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Garden Enhancements to Try Out This Spring

Spring is finally here, and pretty soon you won’t want to spend time anywhere but outdoors. Unfortunately, gardens get pretty neglected all winter. As a result, some things are overgrown, rusty, or just plain old eyesores. While you’re…
Outdoor Living Designs
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Outdoor Living Designs – See What’s HOT!

Everything and everyone changes with time. As we grow and experience new people, places, and things, our values and goals change. Our new outlooks on life urge us to change our jobs, our homes, our tastes in fashion, and just about everything…
Outdoor Living
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4 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Living More Inviting

A backyard patio can be the perfect setting for a party, barbecue or another type of gathering with friends and family. Spending time in your outdoor living area allows you to enjoy all of the sights and sounds of nature without having to leave…
Orange metal rocking chairs in the front porch and matching orange door.

Tips to Creating Eye Catching Curb Appeal

3 Tips to Create Curb Appeal Pops of Color Pops of color add the "wow factor" to any space. In this project, I was working on a 1970's, ranch style home, that did not have a lot of curb appeal. I really needed a color that would create…
Al Fresco Dining

Styles and Tips for Al Fresco Dining

Summertime urges us to spend time outside enjoying warm weather and the beauty that nature has to offer with those we love. When I think of dining al fresco, scenes of the lush countryside come to mind. Here are 3 basic elements needed to achieve…