Tips to Creating Eye Catching Curb Appeal

Orange metal rocking chairs in the front porch and matching orange door.
Before view of my front porch project.

3 Tips to Create Curb Appeal

Pops of Color

Pops of color add the “wow factor” to any space. In this project, I was working on a 1970’s, ranch style home, that did not have a lot of curb appeal. I really needed a color that would create attention, so I chose orange. The original front door was a single door and could not be enlarged at all. I wanted to create a more dramatic front entry way by altering the architecture, but that was out of the question. I decided to design a custom door with a half glass insert because one of the home’s occupants is in a wheelchair and I was afraid a full panel glass door could be damaged by the chair. The glass I chose matched the glass that was designed in the kitchen seating area and tied the two spaces together.

View of the house with completed front porch project accented with orange.
Glass countertop around island in a contemporary coastal kitchen.

The only way I could add more pops of color was to create a porch in front of the window. The front porch allowed me to create a pretty seating arrangement that gave the home a more inviting look. The orange chairs continued my orange theme and a turquoise table was the perfect compliment to the seating arrangement.

Before front porch makeover.
Creating a sand bed for a paver porch.
Adding a new paver porch.
Orange metal rocking chairs in the front porch and matching orange door.

The lanterns gave a rustic coastal vibe to the home which was perfect, due to the home being located on a waterway. I also wanted to use a good quality that would stand up to a coastal climate and I chose Hubbardton Forge brand.

Front porch with Hubbardton Forge Lanterns.


When considering your landscaping, it is important to take note of the architecture. This particular home had a roof line that cut back into the home and to me, this screamed for a tree that would be a focal point. The foxtail palm tree was just the character I was looking for because it had a clean trunk and the top blooms out above the roof line. It became the focal point of my design. This detail gave the home the tropical image I was going for.

New landscape and orange decor for the front porch design project.
Front porch design project with new landscaping and foxtail palm tree as focal point.

The other area  that was screaming for attention was the blank flat wall to the left of my new porch. I created a diamond trellis pattern with wire and planted jasmine vines. When the jasmine is in bloom, they give a beautiful aroma.

New landscaping was added in front of the porch to add a multitude of colors when it matures.

Garden trellis with jasmine vine for front porch design project.

Personal Touches Add Character

Personal touches are so important because they give hints about who lives there.  The mermaid mailbox was a way to personalize the house because of the manatees that live at the home’s dock and manatees have been nicked named mermaids. You can always hang a wreath at the front door, expressing your style or as seasonal décor.

Mermaid mailbox for a coastal home.

Because poolside yoga is a prevalent activity in this home, I couldn’t resist the driftwood peace signage, welcoming all that visit.

Driftwood peace sign decor with Hubbardton Forge Mason lantern.

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