Spring is finally here, and pretty soon you won’t want to spend time anywhere but outdoors. Unfortunately, gardens get pretty neglected all winter. As a result, some things are overgrown, rusty, or just plain old eyesores. While you’re spring cleaning your garden, it may be time to look into a few garden enhancements. This will ensure that you won’t be uncomfortable or embarrassed to spend time in your backyard.

Garden Enhancements That Make a Difference

Garden Enhancements That Make a Difference

Trees and shrubs

Your garden is probably home to a variety of trees and plant life that you haven’t paid much attention to for the past few years. You’d be surprised how a short trim of the overgrown leaves can make your garden look tidier and possibly bigger. Cutting back the dead branches on the trees could even let more sunshine into your garden, making your afternoons far more enjoyable. If you have a green thumb, try to plant new flowers or bushes to give the garden a new life.

Water Features 

Adding a water feature to your garden enhances it in a number of ways. If you don’t get a lot of light due to tall surrounding buildings, water acts as a natural mirror and reflects any light that manages to make its way in. If you choose a fountain as your water feature, the sound of running water is a relaxing background noise that will help you de-stress. Additionally, water encourages wildlife to visit your garden, giving everyone a chance to see some local birds taking a sip of water. You could even make a permanent home for wildlife in your garden by building a pond.

Entertainment Hub

When you have a house party, you have a designated area for everyone to socialize. A garden should be no different when you’re hosting a BBQ. There are many garden enhancements you could do to tidy up your patio and make it a comfortable area. You could invest in new garden furniture, install a retractable patio screen to accommodate everyone’s need for sun and shade, or you could consider building an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor pizza oven isn’t too difficult to build, and it could double as a functional wood-fired fireplace so you can enjoy the garden in colder seasons.


Even if you don’t have a lot of space for growing a field full of flowers, you can still make good use of flower pots to give your garden a bit of color. Pots are a more practical way of decorating your outside space. The best part is that you can move the pots around if you get bored with the current presentation. If you’re really lacking in space, try growing your garden up instead of out. Plant some flowers or herbs in a vertically stacked planter and see what a difference it makes to your outdoor area. These are a good idea even if you’re not lacking in space. You could keep the stacked planter near your kitchen to grow herbs for cooking. Try planting amaryllis bulbs or flower types like daffodils or lilies.

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