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Indoor Garden Designs, 4 – Types to Consider

Indoor Garden Designs - Glass hanging balls with plants.

Indoor Garden Designs Are Beautiful

Dutch artist and gardener, Fedor Van der Balk has designed self-supporting hanging plant containers. This project, the String Gardens, allows people who live in cities the luxury of growing a garden indoors. I am so glad that green design is becoming popular in home design. I love the idea of designing indoor garden designs for my clients. Today there are several options that allow us to do gardening that fit all levels of gardening abilities.

In-door Garden Designs - Hanging plant system by Van der Valk

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In-door Garden Design - String Gardens by Van der Valk

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Window Herb Indoor Garden Designs

We are all familiar with growing herbs in our kitchen window but, with a little designing upfront, you can create added color to any kitchen. I like the effect of the bright colored pots with the green herbs against the blue sky. There is nothing like having fresh herbs when you are preparing a healthy meal. As a kitchen designer, I am hearing a lot of buzz about indoor growing stations in kitchen design for the future. I can’t wait to attend this year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, in January to see if any manufacturer has stepped out of the box to make this a reality.


Indoor Garden Design - Window Herb Garden in a Highrise

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Hydroponic Indoor Garden Designs

There is an organic coolness about clear globes with hydroponic plant growth. If you are not familiar with hydroponics, it is a form of soilless agriculture where plant roots grow in nutrient-enriched water. I love the translucent effect of the glass globes, they give the effect of floating-in-air.

Indoor Garden Designs - Glass hanging balls with plants.

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Air Plant Garden Designs

Air plants are for those people, like me, that do not have a green thumb. Air plants are relatively easy to care for. Every week you should take them out and give them a good soak in a water bath (submerged in the water) for about 30 minutes. Remove them from the water and give them a simple shake and set in a spot with a bright light and good air circulation to dry off. They need some form of light from indirect sunlight or under fluorescent lighting.

Indoor Garden Designs - Hanging glass balls with air plants.

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