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There are agencies that hire temp workers and places to rent office furniture, but Gaddy’s Hire Plants does just what the name implies: they hire out and maintain indoor potted plants for temporary or semi-permanent placement.

Why hire potted plants? Aside from the pleasing look and feel of natural greenery, there are some of other benefits of contracting with Gaddy’s Hire Plants for your office or other indoor facility, including:

  • Natural indoor pollution control and air-quality improvement
  • Low cost; some plans start as low as $5.00 per month
  • Little or no maintenance, Gaddy’s experienced staff regularly attend to the hire plants
  • Free consultation and estimate

The company is based out of Sydney, Australia and they have over 30 years of experience in the plant-for-hire business. Their service area also extends to Wollongong & the South Coast.

Gaddy’s hires out floor plants, desk plants, and rectangular window boxes, and the arrangements run the gamut from classical to contemporary. An experienced designer will visit the facility and customize a look and plan to suit the needs of the client. There is never an obligation but once an agreement is made, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Gaddy doesn’t only hire out plants for lobbies and offices. These are the additional services provided by Gaddy’s Hire Plants:

  • Lawn and garden service and maintenance
  • Outdoor plant hires
  • Event and corporate function plant hires
  • Wedding plant hires and arrangements



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