Having a good office environment is very important. It helps tremendously with employee morale and health, which in turn can boost productivity and foster quality work performance. One thing that can enhance a good office environment is to bring plants into the workplace.



Office plants can boost morale and productivity, enhance the aesthetics of the workplace and offer important health benefits as well. Offices have a tendency to accumulate indoor toxins from the heavy use of computers. The toxins can also accumulate in the office carpet and upholstery. This build up of toxins can greatly affect the air quality of the office and could even cause employees to become ill. Having plants in the office can help to improve air quality by removing some of those toxins that are in the air.

It does take some time to choose the appropriate plants, get them set up in containers and care for them on a regular basis. Instead of having owners or employees take the time to do this, it is a good idea to hire a plant service to take of these tasks for you. A good plant service will advise you on the best plants for your office, bring them in, get them set up and then care for them on an ongoing basis.


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Gaddy’s Indoor Plant Hire in Sydney, Australia is an example of an indoor plant hire service that will come to your office to install plants and set up a maintenance schedule to care for them on a regular basis. Not only will a plant service choose the best plants for your particular office, but they will also get them set up, take care of all of the watering and fertilizing, do any necessary pruning, treat any diseases and rotate or replace plants as necessary. Gaddy’s, and other services like them, also provide consultations and offer short term plant services for corporate events, product launches and other special occasions.


Google Sydney Reception Plants

Google office in Sydney, Australia 


Plants Species That Survive Indoors

Orchids – There are many varieties available in dazzling colors and patterns ranging from about 6″ to 2’+ with blooms.

Lillies – a peace lily can sometimes thrive with some neglect. Other popular species are Easter, spider, amazon, kaffir, and lily of the valley.

Air plants – The dainty looking plants from the Tillandsia species are perfect for creative displays. There are many breeds of Tillandsia with bright or muted foliage color and bright spiky blooms which are great for hanging.

Ferns – Ferns create a nice voluminous look. The beauty of these plants is in the varieties of foliage they produce.

Bamboo – “Lucky bamboo” is often confused to be real bamboo but it is a completely different species. Nonetheless, lucky bamboo and real bamboo varieties both make great, easy to care for, indoor plants. The height of bamboo enables this plant to be used as partitions or backdrops in the office environment.

With all the important benefits that office plants bring to the workplace, it definitely makes sense to enhance the office environment with them. The key is to find a good plant hire service. They are not all that expensive and will take all the planning and hard work out of the equation. All you have to do at that point is enjoy the beautiful plants and reap all of the wonderful benefits that they bring to your office.


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