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How to Relax After a Stressful Move (2)

How to Relax After a Stressful Move

There is no doubt that moving houses is one of the most stressful and hectic times the vast majority of us experience in our lives. Whether you’re moving in the winter months or during the summer holidays, packing up a home and moving it all…

Loft Clearance: Clearing a Loft Made Easy

You might be planning a loft clearance for the purposes of a move, a conversion. Whatever your purpose, here are easy tips to declutter and clear your loft.
9 Small Closet Ideas That Create Space

Tiny Closet, Big Wardrobe? 9 Small Closet Ideas That Create Space

The most common complaint from homeowners is that their home doesn't have enough storage. However, if you have a small closet and a lot of clothes, you're likely one of the people that have a bone to pick with your home's storage abilities…
Healthier Home Environment Through Design
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A Healthier Home: 4 Simple Remodeling Tips

Your home is your sanctuary and having a healthy home is important for your well being. A well-kept space gives you the time to recharge and helps boost the systems in your body. Remodeling projects, like reshaping your space and getting rid…
Essential Tools for a Work At Home Mom

6 Essential Tools For Any Work At Home Mom

When you're a work at home mom, finding the right balance between running your business and taking care of the kids can be tough. With so much to do, you need the right tools to be productive and efficient so that every minute of your time…
Organizing Tips For 2015

Fresh Organizing Tips For 2015

The start of a new year brings excitement and an urge to improve one’s life. “Getting organized” seems to be everyone’s ultimate goal, albeit vague and elusive. But, it never hurts to try, try, try again. Or as Winston Churchill said…
Top Fashion Trends For 2015

6 Tidy Tips For Happy Holidays At Home

Much to our dismay, the most wonderful time of year can’t last forever. This means that the beautiful and cherished seasonal decorations must eventually come down and get stowed away until next year. Granted, taking your darling holiday décor…
Home Bar Stocking 101

Home Bar Stocking 101

To many people, home bar stocking is a daunting task. However, with the liquor selection, your home bar will have the perfect selection of spirits.
Hello to Home Organization

Say Goodbye to Summer Vacation, Hello to Home Organization

Are you feeling chaotic or stressed from the lack of organization systems you have implemented in your house? An organized home can help you eliminate stress from your life by saving you time searching for keys, papers, and other various household…
Laundry Room Spruce Up

Laundry Room Spruce Up

Not all houses have a dedicated laundry room. If yours does, it’s most likely a passageway to the garage. If it doesn’t, your washer and dryer are IN the garage. Regardless of where the laundry area is located in your home or how it’s…
What clutter Got time

What clutter? Got time?

Did you know that one of the chief reasons for disorganization and clutter is lack of, or an ineffective time management system. If you want to organize your home you need to keep these 3 points in mind. 3 Points for Eliminating Clutter Organizing…