Laundry Room Spruce Up

Laundry Room Spruce Up

Not all houses have a dedicated laundry room. If yours does, it’s most likely a passageway to the garage. If it doesn’t, your washer and dryer are IN the garage.

Regardless of where the laundry area is located in your home or how it’s set up, you’ll most likely want it to look more appealing and have more organization.

Laundry Room Spruce Up

These tips for the laundry room or area–for improving its looks, getting more space out of it, and organizing all the paraphernalia that needs to be there—will help any laundry-purposed space be a lot more pleasant to work in.

The first and easiest way to spruce up your laundry area is to put a beautiful coat of paint on the walls. Think of your favorite color; that makes it more yours, so you’ll feel a little more comfortable to be there. This aqua blue is soothing, a good idea for a work area.

A nice way to hide those monstrous machines (let’s face it, they’re big and not that pretty) is to hang lacy, ruffled curtains in front of them. Pull them back when you just have to deal with them.
Place shelves all the way to the ceiling where you can store detergents, scissors, buttons, mismatched socks and the other odds and ends that you might need during the laundry routine.

This unique drying rack is out of the way, so that hanging your pantyhose or other delicates don’t hang in your way as well.

It’s a sure necessity to have adequate light in your laundry area. Those stains won’t be missed when there’s a bright light directly above. That way you notice and pre-treat them before you’ve set them in.

Regardless of the room, or lack of it, an area arranged and set up specifically for “laundry success” will make your weekly chore seem less chaotic and perhaps, even more enjoyable.

Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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