Home Bar Stocking 101

Home Bar Stocking 101

One does not need to be a bartender or some sort of mixologist extraordinaire in order know how to stock up their home bar or liquor cabinet. To many people, stocking a home bar seems like a daunting task. However, with the right equipment and liquor selection, your home bar will have the perfect selection of spirits for your personal and social use.

Liquor Selection

Choose your liquor according to the type of drinks you prefer. Even if you want to impress your friends by having a diverse array of alcohol, you will only waste money if you purchase liquor that you do not drink. Look at different drink recipes to determine which liquors you should add to your collection.

Home Bar Stocking 101


Vodka is a liquor that mixes well with soda, juice, milk, and frozen drinks. Premium vodkas have a smoother taste than lower end vodkas. You may need to experiment with different vodkas depending on how you like to drink it, since some vodkas have an oily and smooth texture, while others have a watery and medicinal taste.


Tequila is a great party drink. It is a great base for margaritas and other frozen drinks. Tequila is also a popular liquor for shots. Regardless of how you prefer to drink it, no home bar is complete without a bottle or two of tequila. Gold tequila is cheaper than silver tequila. Gold tequila is best for mix drinks and silver tequila is best for shots or when you want to drink it straight up.


Whiskey comes in several forms. Each type of whiskey has its own unique flavor and is great on the rocks or straight up. Whiskey can even be mixed with some sodas, juices, and other concoctions as well. Canadian is the least expensive type of whiskey and Scotch is the most expensive.


Bourbon is still considered a whiskey even though it is much sweeter than whiskey. Bourbon is great as a stand-alone drink or as a mixer. Bourbon is a liquor that is a necessity for any home or social bar.

Wines and Beers

No one wants to drink liquor all of the time, that is why it is a good idea to stock your home bar furniture sets with wines and beers to drink on those days where you want an easy and low maintenance drink to relax. While beers can be stored in a refrigerator, wines are best kept in wine coolers.


Whether your home bar is located in your living room, kitchen, or basement, the type of furniture and pub sets you have can really affect the appearance and mood of the area. Choose furniture that will help to accentuate the overall look of the room. Any furniture you choose should be easy to clean, maintain, and very comfortable for you to relax in.

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