Fresh Organizing Tips For 2015

Organizing Tips For 2015

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The start of a new year brings excitement and an urge to improve one’s life. “Getting organized” seems to be everyone’s ultimate goal, albeit vague and elusive. But, it never hurts to try, try, try again. Or as Winston Churchill said cleverly, “Never, never, never give up.”

So here’s a toast to the new year, “May we all become MORE organized.” With a new take on things, these tips might give you a fresh start to improving your life in ‘15.

Organizing Tips For 2015


Use a hanging file system, with a file for each month’s statements. Or if you prefer, use a separate file folder for each category (i.e., utility bills, credit card accounts, medical bills…)


Make a goal of eliminating 3 things from your home each day. Large or small, they’ll add up to a neater, less-cluttered home environment. Each day tackle a drawer, closet or room and dispose of just three items.


Start using a family calendar so that everyone is “on the same page” for social dates, doctor appointments, practices, games, etc. Take time each week to group the family together and discuss the upcoming week’s schedule.


Go through the house and make a list on a notepad of areas that could be used for storage. For instance the upper shelf of a closet, underneath the bed, or an unused corner. Then utilize those spaces with either shelves, cabinets, hooks, or storage bins.

Let’s face it. We’ve all told ourselves lies about getting organized…”someday, when I have the time,” “it’s got to be done all at once,” “there’s just one way to do it,” and “I don’t know how,” etc., etc., etc. Don’t strive for perfection. It’s an ongoing process. Do a little at a time. Staying organized means taking small steps frequently to maintain it. And never give up.

Written by: Ruby Holder Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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