Stylish ways to store things is always a conundrum in designing.  Even when using drawers for storage it becomes difficult to think of a way to keep our most basic items in a way that is still fabulous.

Here are five different inspiring ways to stylize your drawer storage!

5 Stylish Drawer Storage Ideas

Organize Your Misc. Items Neatly

It’s commonplace to have a “junk drawer”, but instead of tossing those misc. items that we just can’t seem to part with into a big messy drawer, why not organize a storage drawer for it?

Try out a drawer that is structured off with different sizes and boxes for different sized items and made of beautiful wood paneling. It eliminates the idea of a “junk drawer” and now gives you a beautifully designed storage drawer.

Hide Your Hair Tools

It’s very easy for women to leave their curling irons, blow dryers, and hair straighteners clogging up space on the counter because these are items we use daily, but if we had a storage drawer that was easily accessible, we’d be more likely to not drive our partners bonkers and put those away!

Also consider a storage drawer that features an easy, accessible, and also attractive way to store your hair tools. Then, it isn’t just an open drawer to throw those items in. Instead, they are now organized and made easy to find and put away.

Beautify Your Jewelry Storage

Every woman dreams of a beautiful jewelry box, but what every woman dreams of even more is enough jewelry that a simple box won’t suffice and you need an entire storage drawer to keep your delicate and beautiful items.

While a storage drawer is a good idea, women are going to want to be able to see their beautiful jewelry and this one that has a glass cover allows that inspiration to be realized.

Store Stylishly On Your Walls

Think inside the box and put your storage box on your walls! Not only does it save space, it’s also easily accessible and a great idea for jewelry, notes, or any small item that would normally clutter space on your desk or perhaps a vanity.

Several wall storage drawers are wonderful in a sewing and craft room, making it easy for the owner to see what they need, but also able to reach and grab quickly whilst working.

Spice Up Your Spice Drawer With Style

People have spice racks, but for someone that has limited counter space that’s just not a logical option. But drawer space is another option and there is plenty of inspirations on how to make that storage drawer beautiful.

A storage drawer can feature several different compartments and custom made spacing for the spices.  The colors are inviting and it is a great solution to the problem of limited counter space.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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