Caster Wheels and Proper Maintenance of Caster Wheel Devices

Proper Maintenance of Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are used in a variety of industrial and household devices, including shopping carts, toolboxes, and ladders. There are various ways to construct the wheels, including un-driven, compound, single, and double. You can buy cCaster wheels in a range of sizes and many of them are constructed with either metal or durable plastic components.

Proper Maintenance of Caster Wheels

Effective Operation

In order for caster wheels to operate effectively, they have to be properly maintained. The following tips will help you to extend the life of your equipment by caring for the caster wheels:

• Avoid overloading carts with caster wheels. If you have overloaded the device, look for any distortion of the frame.
• Don’t drop loads onto a vehicle that has caster wheels.
• Routinely check for any broken deck boards or welds.
• Regularly tighten the bolts and nuts that are loose.
• If you’re using stem casters which are bolted in place, double check that the legs of the device aren’t bent and that the mounting bolts are secure.
• Lubricate the wheel and bearings regularly. Lube can be applied to any points of friction on the washer, wheel hub, and leg areas.
• Check the wheels for any signs of tread wear.
• Check the wheels for foreign materials that could be interrupting the functioning (string or thread, for example).

What You Need to Know About Caster Wheel Care

If you notice a distorted frame on your vehicle, this can cause the wheels to fail prematurely. Most normal devices need to be lubricated every six months or so, but if the caster wheels are getting run down, they may need to be lubricated every month. Using thread guards can help keep buildup in the wheels at bay. It’s also important to know exactly what type of casters you’re working with. For example, some caster wheels are only meant to roll backward and forward, while others can pivot.

Most homes and businesses have at least a handful of devices that use caster wheels: computer chairs, platforms, storage units, filing cabinets, and garden carts, for example. If you’re in the market for new caster wheels and you’d like to explore your options, click here.

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