Fresh Ideas From Interior Designers Who Changed the World

Fresh Ideas From Interior Designers

Some of the most influential interior designers were ahead of their times. Similarly, some of the most influential designers have timeless styles and tips that can be used in everyday settings. There is no manual for the best approach to design. Instead, there are endless opportunities for homeowners and aspiring designers to take classic concepts such as the use of wrought iron, aluminum, and stainless steel in homes.

Metal can be used to give homes almost any look, from Victorian to ultra-modern. Additionally, metal railings and accents can enhance natural elements around a home. The idea that steel can be used in different settings is not particularly new.

Fresh Ideas From Interior Designers

Metal in Interior Design

Metal does not have to be ultra-modern. After all, a classic wrought iron fence can make a much softer statement. Take inspiration from current trends and add a twist. Practically none of the most influential interior designers reinvented design altogether. They mixed classic concepts with new ideas or took existing concepts to the next tier.

A few practical tips when using metal in interior design include:

  • Have a theme. Know if the style will be vintage, Victorian, minimalist, ultra-modern, or a combination of different styles.
  • Have a clear direction. Know what aspect of a home will be designed first. Get necessary measurements and create an itemized list.
  • Have a budget. A budget is not always a necessary evil. If a design is under budget, more elements or more expensive elements can be added.
  • Have a plan. Be ready to implement a new design. Focus on small details, and reassess the overall design after everything is in place to see if a few additional accents are needed.

18th Century Trendsetter

Elsie de Wolfe gained notoriety by decorating homes for the rich and famous during the Victorian Era. While her style fit with Victorian times, she took things to the next level by adding metallic accents and animal print patterns to brighten traditional Victorian style.

Modern Baroque Designer

Dorothy Draper basically threw all of the rules out the window and introduced New York City to wild colors and contrasts. She mixed baroque design with ultra-modern elements to bring a new view to public spaces. One of her most notable works include the Dorotheum at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Royal Palace of Lithuania, and the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in San Bernardino, California.

European Designer • Lean Style • Large Impact

Juan Montoya traced his designs back to Scandinavia. He has a minimalist approach that combines eco-friendly features with hard surfaces. The end result is a clean style with a variety of textures and pops of color. Different types of metal allow Montoya to play with light and space without cluttering small spaces.

Take Direction From the Best Designers of All Time

Most of all, get inspiration from some of the most influential designers of all time. Create unique ideas, and find the materials needed to make any design project a success. Visit to get the right metal bars, railings, and fixtures for almost any home or business. Achieve inspirational design with top quality metal.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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