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Ergonomic furniture for Small Businesses

Why Small Businesses Should Care about Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is an important topic for every business owner, large or small. However, as every business owner knows, efficiency is often the key to productivity. Finding better ways of getting the job done that require fewer resources…
Designing a home office

4 Essential Rules for Designing a Home Office

Designing a home office used to be considered a luxury, but not anymore. To encourage a healthier work-life balance, a lot more people embrace the ‘work-from-home’ model. This is especially true with employees who are able to stay productive…
How An Office Move Invigorates Employee Productivity

How An Office Move Invigorates Employee Productivity

A complete office move is never easy. For employees, a change like an office move might go two different ways. First, it might lead to a boost in their productivity. Or, it might lead them to an ineffective slump.  Moreover, the organization…
Maintaining your office furniture

5 Easy Tips on Maintaining Your Office Furniture

Studies show that a working environment in poor repair negatively impacts productivity. This often reduces your ability to focus and deprives you of overall motivation. This is why maintaining your office furniture is important for productivity. Maintaining…
3 Terrific Office Interior Design Tips to Revamp Your Space

3 Terrific Office Interior Design Tips to Revamp Your Space

An office interior design has a deep impact on the overall productivity of the employees. Additionally, an office is a direct indication of how you perceive yourself as a person. Moreover, it highlights your seriousness and dedication towards…

4 Ways to Create an Attractive and Productive Office Space

If you want to create a productive office space, there are many ways to accomplish this. However, you and your employees always benefit from effective interior design for your business. A Mindspace article points out that “intelligent lighting,…
Design Your Home Office The Essentials

The Essentials You Need to Work from a Home Office

When you work from a home office, it gives you time to be with your family. That's in addition to the greater levels of satisfaction you get. Moreover, you don't have to pay for the cost of commuting back and forth which is an added bonus! In…
4 Designing Tips for a Unique Home Office

4 Steps to Design a Unique Small Office in Your Apartment

How often do you wish for a small office area in your apartment? Is your apartment so tiny that you think there's no space? Don't give up on the idea just yet because you don’t need soaring ceilings nor even an entire room to set up a successful…
Start-up office

3 Tips to Choose the Right Start-Up Office Space

Are you searching for the right start-up office space? This is a challenge but it's time well spent because the look and location of your business have a huge impact on the success of your start-up. There are many points to dial in, such as…
Tips for a More Productive Home Office

3 Essential Tips for a More Productive Home Office

A productive home office is not as easy as some might think. After all, when you work in an office building, you have efficient work habits - right? While that is true for most of us, when we begin to work at home, we quickly find out that…
Full office fit out

6 Tips for a Fantastic Full Office Fit Out

A full office fit-out is a huge project and there are a lot of details to consider. Select your professional team wisely and they will help you through the information so that you get a design that brings your employees’ comfort, wellness,…

5 Design Tips for Improving Office Space

Like many business owners, we get busy doing business and our offices become cluttered and inefficient. It's important to have a well-organized office for the best productivity. It is also important to have an aesthetically pleasing and updated…