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How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Guests

How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer Guests

This is the season for vacations and summer guests you don't often get to see. Whether you’re hosting friends or housing relatives for part of the summer, you may need to spruce up your surroundings just a bit. However, if you don't know where…
9 Outdoor Patio Kitchens for Party-Perfect Entertaining

4 Outdoor Patio Ideas for Party-Perfect Entertaining

During the summertime, we all want to be outside whenever we can.  There is no better way to do this than to start researching for fantastic party-perfect entertaining ideas. An outdoor party-perfect entertaining area is a valuable…
A Review of Stainless Steel Ice Buckets

What the Best Stainless Steel Ice Buckets Have in Common

Ice buckets are one of the most important party accessories that every host should own. But with all the talk about which brands of ice makers are best, or what type of ice goes well with a particular cocktail, people forget about their ice…
Backyard entertainment

Backyard Entertainment Ideas for Summer

Want to make some memories this summer? Here are some backyard entertainment ideas that will leave you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Entertaining guests is so rewarding and fun, but first, you have to figure out what you…
Clean Drink Happy Hour on The Road!

Clean Drink Happy Hour on The Road! Watermelon Dream Martini For Hot Summer Days

We took our clean drink happy hour to the best Italian restaurant in Vero Beach,Trattoria Dario, where we were treated wtih Craig McCarty's cocktails!
clean drink happy hour

Vodka Infused with Mother Nature: Clean Drink Happy Hour Inspired by Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, "CLEAN DRINK HAPPY HOUR" presents Vodka Infused with Mother Nature. The ingredients we chose for our infusion consisted of pineapple, ginger and rosemary; a mingling of healthy vitamins, antioxidants, and flavors. Not…
Fall Decorating Ideas

Gotta See Fall Decorating

Ready for the decor of fall? Here are our top three favorite fall decorating ideas to lighten, brighten, and bring warmth into your home.
Unique & Healthy Halloween Party Ideas

Unique & Healthy Halloween Party Ideas

Selecting a theme and finding the coordinating décor is simple. Head down to the Dollar Store for an endless array of Halloween party decorations.
Ladies' Springtime Brunch!

Ladies’ Springtime Brunch!

Thank goodness the trees are budding and the flowers are blooming; winter is gone! What a great time to dress up the backyard and invite your fine-feathered friends for a Ladies’ Springtime Brunch. Mother Nature will do most of the décor…