Work from Home Creating the Perfect Space for Business

Work from Home: Creating the Perfect Space for Business

These days, many professionals seek to work from home. Telecommuting is ideal, but a lot of people who do it struggle to find the motivation to stay productive and busy. Whether you’re self-employed or simply work remotely, you need to have…
Finding Ways to Diversify Your Design Business (1)

Design Business; 3 Ways to Diversify Income

As a veteran of the design industry, I have witnessed good times and bad. It has taught me to not assume that every year will bring in the same amount of income. As a matter of fact, during the recession, I saw many design businesses close…
8 Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners: 8 Hiring Tips You Need to Know

Small business owners know there is a fine line between entrepreneurship and individualism. Most businesses start out as a one-person show or small team. They might begin with something small - a sustainable idea that they can nurture over…
E-commerce Tips for Every Shop

Tips for Ecommerce: When Good Sales Go Wrong

E-commerce marketing is booming, and it's a great way to meet your customers on their level. There are some things, however, that owners should consider when marketing their goods. When executed well, flash sales and one-time sales can lead…
Curb Appeal for Your Business

Curb Appeal and How to Enhance it for Your Business

Regardless of whether you run a hip café, or you own a store that sells electronic goods, it is important that your business has curb appeal. The exterior of your business can make a big difference to potential customers. In fact, it can mean…
Protect Your Ecommerce Business From Fraud

Ecommerce; Is Two-Factor Authentication Worthwhile?

Any stumbling block you can place in the path of fraudsters goes a long way toward eliminating Ecommerce chargebacks. Two-factor authentication can be a terrific obstacle when it comes to impending hackers. Also known as 2FA, said simply, the…
CEO of an Ecommerce Company

Becoming CEO of an E-Commerce Company

Is becoming the CEO of an E-commerce company a dream of yours? There are many different paths you can take to make this happen. After all, there are no set rules and every CEO embarks on a different journey. How to Become the CEO of an E-Commerce…
Technology to Benefit Your Business

Technology that Will Make Your Business Soar

Technology has transformed the way that humanity lives. Look around. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, the internet. They all make our lives better. They also make businesses better. Tech can improve a businesses functionality, outlook,…
Tips to organizing your small business for the New Year ahead.

Tips to Organize Your Small Business for the New Year

Clear The Shelves Sometimes a lot of the junk is staring you right in the face. Look at your shelves and desktops first and get rid of the obvious clutter that seems to accumulate right under your nose. We all get busy and start making piles…
Daring To Dream

Daring To Dream

Belief in self doesn’t come easy. People have to work at it. People are traditionally taught to believe in working a nine-to-five; however, this no longer pays off. The idea of working for a company 20 plus years and retiring doesn’t pan…
Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

People must believe in the business opportunity they support. Belief is important for people won’t believe in a business if the business owner does not.

The Value of Keeping Items in Stock

In today's world of Internet options, there's no reason for no having items in stock so that you never run out if you want to make sales.