Are you looking for a job in IT? How about building a successful career in networking? If you want to become a reliable specialist, then, shift your attention towards getting an international certification. If you didn’t know, the CCNA credential is your secret weapon towards building a career in information technology and networking technology.

As these concepts are increasing in popularity, so, it is important to keep pace with the current trends. In fact, this guide is to help you understand how to obtain the Cisco CCNA certification easily. We also show you how you can obtain this accreditation and explain steps to the certification process.

Once you finish reading this article, you will have a clear picture of what you have to do and how you can get your CCNA credential.

How to Get Your CCNA Certification

How to Get Your CCNA Certification

CCNA Prerequisites

Before you start the CCNA certification path, it is important to understand if you qualify. Fortunately, the only requirement for accreditation is to pass a 200-301 assessment. However, to pass the test, you need to develop the following abilities:

  • Understand network fundamental concepts.
  • Provide network access to users according to their roles in the organization.
  • Handle IP connectivity.
  • Manage different IP services.
  • Deploy and understand security fundamentals.
  • Successfully implement programmability and automation.

This is not a requirement, but, the vendor recommends that candidates have a minimum of one year of experience working with Cisco solutions. That makes it easier for you to understand networking concepts and get the passing score in 200-301 test.

Step-by-Step Process to Follow for CCNA Certification

When you want to obtain the CCNA credential, first get a clear plan in your mind about how to do this. The certification process is faster and more successful if you organize your preparation process as follows:

  • Download 200-301 blueprint to understand what to they expect of you, the experience you need to be eligible for this credential, and how much sitting for the Cisco 200-301 costs.
  • Register to become a member of the CCNA Certification Community and be active in opening discussions with past and future exam-takers.
  • Check the vendor’s official webpage to download training materials and enroll in available webinar/instructor-led training sessions.
  • Open your account on the Cisco site and receive constant updates about the CCNA assessment and the steps to follow to get such a certification.

Each of the above-mentioned steps is crucial in achieving success in your 200-301 test. With regard to different training materials, be careful to use only verifiable resources. This is how to ensure that you use correct information and understand how network concepts and tools work.


The Cisco CCNA certification is the first major milestone that you can make for your career in IT.

This credential has a major weight in your resume as it recommends you as a reliable specialist who adds value to any team. However, you will only be successful if you organize your training routine and use the prep materials wisely.

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