Personal Finance Tips: How to Keep Track of Bills and the Money You Make

Only 29% of Americans are financially stable. Americans are so bad at finances that many people are thousands of dollars deep in debt beyond their home mortgage. If you don't know how to keep track of bills and the income you have coming…
Personal Budget Planning

6 Steps to Create an Effective Personal Budget Plan

One of the most effective ways of achieving your financial goals is to set a personal budget plan. For example, are you saving for a home, planning for a vacation, or looking for ways to get out of debt? In our post today, we show you six…
Affordable Bathroom Hacks

Affordable Bathroom Hacks: 5 Tips to Boost Your Budget

Is your bathroom lacking in character and in desperate need of a renovation? Luckily, there are affordable bathroom hacks you can use, regardless of the size of your budget! From elegant wall fixtures to convenient ventilation options, there…
Designing On A Budget

Designing On A Budget

Designing on a budget can be difficult but does not have to be impossible. Being selective when it comes to home furnishings and finishing helps minimize the cost and maximize the budget. Following trends in home décor helps maximize impact,…
Creating And Building A Stone Patio

Creating and Building a Stone Patio

When you build your own patio, sometimes our capabilities and limitations might stop us from moving forward. Here is information you need to know!
5 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Bathroom Remodel

5 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Bathroom Remodel

Our very own Patricia Davis Brown was featured in the magazine Design Bureau, sharing her expertise on remodeling your bathroom. Learn from Patricia the five things to know before beginning your bathroom remodel. CREATE A PLAN “Most…