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5 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Bathroom Remodel

Our very own Patricia Davis Brown was featured in the magazine Design Bureau, sharing her expertise on remodeling your bathroom. Learn from Patricia the 5 things to know before beginning your bathroom remodel:


“Most people make the mistake of going to the builder first, but a professional plan puts the ball in your court. This allows the homeowner to get accurate bids and be able to determine if the project is in their budget. If you find you’re out of budget, then you are able to value engineer it by substituting less expensive materials to bring the cost into budget.


“Every room needs good lighting, but the kitchen and bathroom are the rooms that need a layered lighting plan. A layered lighting plan covers general lighting, task lighting, and ambient lighting for the multiple purposes of a bathroom.”


“You do not want to date yourself on a brand new remodel by putting in last year’s trends, so stay on top of the latest products and technologies for the bathroom. One of the good things about using a professional designer is they are in the know on the latest looks and will bring them to you.”


“I recommend bidding with three different builders or subcontractors so you can get a good picture of what the bids should be. And remember, the lowest bid is not always the right one.”


“A full bathroom remodel takes about three months to complete in full, so you want to make sure that you pick the right contractor to work with. I always recommend asking for three references before I consider hiring such an important person. And before you meet with anyone, make sure they are licensed and insured.”

About Patricia Davis Brown: Brown knows her way around a bathroom. For 18 years, her work focused exclusively on designing functional and beautiful baths (and kitchens, too). Davis Brown even lectures on the merits of excellent bath design, so she’s the perfect person to offer up a few pointers on bathroom upgrades.

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