3 Luxurious Decor Ideas for an Empty Wall

If your walls are boring, you might want to uplift them to a new look. Today, we bring you several luxurious decor ideas for an empty wall.
Top 6 Apps for Graphic Artists

6 of the Best Apps for Graphic Artists Today

Graphic artists and illustrators around the world are making use of apps in today’s app-obsessed planet. Here are the 6 top apps available.
Create a Masterpiece of Fluid Art

How to Create a Masterpiece of Fluid Art

This post is an excellent place to begin if you want to learn how to create a fluid art masterpiece. Here are the steps and tips you need.
10 Online Creative Resources With Design Tips

10 Online Creative Resources to Learn Graphic Design

Each artist strives to create a masterpiece that will please fans. But where do you show your work? Here are ten online creative resources.
5 Tips for Finding the Right Gallery Space

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Right Gallery Space

The biggest challenge to setting up a gallery is finding a perfect gallery venue for rent. So first, follow these tips for finding the right gallery space.
How to Achieve A Classy Black and White Gallery Wall

How to Achieve A Classy Black and White Gallery Wall

If you adore black and white color schemes, you are most likely a person of refined tastes: luxury carpets, crystal glasses, and silk underwear. Plus, everything in your home fits and exudes your personality. Furthermore, a life of luxury is…
What You Can Learn from Vincent van Gogh

Why You Don’t Want to Be an Artist Like Vincent van Gogh

The life and death of Vincent van Gogh fascinate the public. His name is synonymous with sadness while his artistic genius is known all over the world. For instance, there aren’t many people who haven’t seen an amazing print of The Starry…

Why Art Should Be A Fundamental Part of Interior Design

Art is timeless, beautiful, and captivating. Likewise, the interior of your home should reflect your interests, embody your passions, and share your comforts. Your personal space should evoke emotion and your style and, as such, art is a great…
Industrial Style lighting - Steampunk StylebyArtisanDaniel McGovern (2) (1)

Artisan Daniel McGovern – Industrial Style Lighting Designer

There is something about the industrial style that intrigues me which is why artisan Daniel McGovern caught my eye. His work has a raw unique quality about it that I think captures this style perfectly. I reached out to Daniel to talk to him…
An Interview with Sculptor Steven Dolbin (1)

An Interview with Sculptor Steven Dolbin

Dig This Design is my muse to explore all the artistic things that I love and one of them is the world of art. Today's post is an interview with the amazing sculptor Steven Dolbin, whose art brings a physical presence into a space that is mesmerizing. Sculptor…
Keeping It Real with Artist Jane Maroni

Keeping It Real with Artist Jane Maroni

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an amazing artist through Facebook, Jane Maroni. When I visited her wall I saw that she was calling herself a designer at Jane Maroni Organic Designs and piqued my curiosity. I then found myself on her…
Artistic Expression

Artistic Expression Redefining its Role in Society

Art is a term that's hard to define. Arguably, there's even art in mathematical equations. Art could be the feeling you receive when you experience an odd sensation walking into a spiderweb. Ultimately, art has as many definitions as there…