As you all know I dig ART!  When I started my blog years ago I didn’t want to be put in a box and only talk about design/architecture. I wanted to talk about all the arts I was into which are the topics on my blog, one being ART. Anytime I come across art that catches my eye I like to blog about it and today I would like to introduce you to my latest find, acrylic artist Adam Cook.

An Interview with Artist Adam Cook

Artist Adam Cook - Adam Cook Acrylic artist in Atlanta, Georgia.

Artist Adam Cook

I found Adam Cook or should I say Adam Cook’s art found me on social media, it caught my eye. I love color and Adam’s work burst with amazing hues that seemed to jump out and grab you into them. I was thrilled when Adam agreed to be interviewed by Dig This Design as we love ART!

Why is acrylic your medium of choice?

AC: I like working in acrylic with a few different brushes. I tend to get lost in the piece as I’m working and paint just allows the process to keep flowing as naturally as possible. The way I paint is very fluid, with quick decisions and little thought in between, so only using a few tools keeps things simple. The different brushes also give the piece different dynamics and line contrast. I love the power of a simple line.

Pop Culture by Artist Adam Cook

What is your obsession with coke bottles?

Adam Cook - Coke Bottle Art

Artist Adam Cook - Obsession with coke bottles.

AC: I’m naturally drawn the to the Coca-Cola bottles because the design and simplicity are brilliant. Since the design is so simple, there are infinite ways to draw and paint it, plus it’s a household name. I love pop art and the whole 60’s Warhol scene as well and I love paying homage to the modern masters which you’ll notice in my work with Keith Haring, Henri Matisse, Picasso, Georgia O’Keeffe and many others.

The influences of Matisse and Picasso really shine through in your work. I too love these artists which is why I was drawn to your work.

In most of your work you choose to use bright colors and to me the art is happy. What is your intent with your bright colored artwork and what inspires your color choice?
Artist Adam Cook - Bright colored abstract.
AC: The bright colors are a reflection of how I feel inside, which is very childlike and I always have fun when I’m creating.  My intent with color is to put a smile on the viewer’s face and to experience something new that they have never seen or felt before. Above all, color will always help to convey the message that I am sending out, it speaks to the heart.

Woman are Beautiful!

The feminine body seems to be an importance to you in both your colorful works and your line drawings. What is the meaning in the use of the female form?
Artist Adam Cook - Female form line drawing
Artist Adam Cook - acrylic painted ladies
AC: The female form for me has always been something that I have found very beautiful and intriguing ever since I was seven years old. My mother taught aerobics classes when I was very little so I’m sure that’s where my interest started when I saw these very beautiful shapes. When I attended my first model drawing class that was held during the week for local artists, I was hooked on drawing women as soon as the charcoal hit the paper. I’m inspired by the beauty and intricacies of women, which is something that really fuels my creativity.
Women are beautiful and you capture them beautifully.
I clearly see the image of both the female and male form in this artwork. Does this imply a struggle or love?
Artist Adam Cook - Female black and white.

AC: That’s very interesting that you see male and female in the piece. For me, there is never struggle in my work because I love what I do so completely, even the difficult things.

As an artist, I want to take as much struggle out of the world and put more love back into it. The piece is a friend of mine that was happy to pose for me while I captured her in a very loving and innocent way.
Wow, I need to get my mind out of the gutter, lol. I would swear I see a couple of penises in this work. I wonder what Sigmond Freud would say about that. 
The artwork below shows women forms encased in something. what are you meaning to express with these works?
Artist Adam Cook - Woman surrounded in energy.
Artist Adam Cook - Woman showing positive energy.

AC: These two pieces are inspired by Keith Haring and Henri Matisse, which sometimes I love to merge my influences as you can see here.

At first I had the female forms without the black lines and they just seemed incomplete and missing that contrast that it needed to really speak. After looking at both for about an hour,it hit me that I should add these glowing black lines around their bodies. The black lines represent a natural glow and radiant energy that I see in women. 
I love that you are inspired by women Adam and these are now my favorite works of yours. Thank you for this interview and sharing your inspirations with us. Your work projects a great vibe and now I know why. Your positivity, love, and respect for women really shines through your work and is super refreshing!

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