Barcelona’s Graffiti and Shutter Art

Checking out the graffiti while in Barcelona

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I appreciate graffiti art, maybe because I kind of dig a little bizarre art. While I was walking around the streets of Barcelona, I couldn’t help myself from snapping pictures of graffiti splashed doorways. Most cities I visit have sections and areas where they welcome street artist and I never miss and opportunity to check it out.

Checking out the graffiti while in Barcelona

Graffiti is a splash of expression, usually where it is unwanted, but I like to study it and think about what the artist wanted to say to passersby.

Graffiti art on doorways in Barcelona

To some, it is vandalism to others it is a form of art and has become part of pop culture. It has become very popular globally and can be found all over the world displayed on doorways, sidewalks, street signs and trash cans. As I walked along the streets viewing this art, I wondered what it was saying, but really I am certain it is a kind of a universal expression of free art.

Graffiti art on a beautiful wood carved door in Barcelona.
Fine graffiti art on a doorway in Spain.

Shutter Art

Shutter art is legal in Barcelona. Many shop owners have welcomed it as opposed to ugly shutters and actually commission, street artist to turn their metal store shutters into vibrant murals.

Shutter art in Barcelona.

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