There is something about the industrial style that intrigues me which is why artisan Daniel McGovern caught my eye. His work has a raw unique quality about it that I think captures this style perfectly. I reached out to Daniel to talk to him about his art and what inspires him to create industrial style lighting designs.

Industrial Style Lighting

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Your work really caught my eye as I am an interior designer that designs lighting. Tell me why you chose to design decorative lighting fixtures.

DM: I’m attracted to light and how it involves everything in its wake. Tones, hues, reflection, and shadow directly affect textures and colors, and, like music or delicious food; lighting will persuade a person’s mood.

You are so right. I preach to my clients about the benefits of a great lighting design, giving the user complete control. By doing this the homeowner can set the mood of the room.

Industrial decorative lighting - steampunk style.

I love the fact that you work with repurposed metals, is metal the only medium you design with?

DM: The majority of the materials that I use are – yes, metal, however, I’m finding that adding reclaimed barn wood and hardwoods are very complimentary.

Your artisan work really speaks to an industrial style, why did you choose the industrial style?

DM: By creating pieces from the materials I use; some people call them industrial style or steampunk. I was really unaware of either style when I began this journey. I found the materials available worked well with the forms I see in my head.

What lamp types do you work with and why?

DM: I really love creating table lamps and floor lamps. I try to make them stately and hope to create something that really catches people’s eye.

Where do you find your inspiration to create any particular decorative fixture?

DM: I’m inspired in so many ways and by so many things. I’ll see a line on the hood of a classic car or the shape on the edge of a leaf or the shadow cast by a building; these shapes and designs imprint in my mind.

I think all creatives see art in everything and everywhere. I’ve interviewed many artists, one being, Jason Wu the fashion designer, and he answered the question of what inspired him pretty much the same way.

The rusted metal finish on your product, do you age it, or find it that way? Also, I know metal and steel age, what do you seal it with to keep it looking as you intended?

DM: Each piece of metal is cured with a solution that I make from environmentally-friendly ingredients. The process involves a combination of heating and curing a number of times until I’m happy with the appearance. I then coat the material with a clear acrylic enamel.

This light fixture had such an interesting globe, did you actually create it or source it?

DM: I am constantly on the lookout for unusual items to use for shades. For example; “Natalie” shades are whiskey tumblers.

Love it! Once again, repurposed material.

Industrial Lighting - Artisan Daniel McGovern pays attention to the little details.

 I love all of your detail, right down to the braided cord. It’s artisans that get into the details like that. Can you tell me any other details that I may have missed in your work?

DM: Detail is important to me– but much of it does go unnoticed. None of these lamps are simply, you know, snapping pieces together or screwing pipes together, there is a lot of fabrication and or modification that goes into the socket housing, the switch apparatus, etc.

Right, you only see that in artisan creations which is why I work with so many in search of unique products for my projects.

The “Liam” has such a unique lamp type that I need to ask what type of bulb is it and did it inspire you to design the decorative lamp to place it in?

DM: When I found the bulb for my “Liam” lamp I was fascinated by its artistic appearance. I designed this lamp fixture to feature its beauty. This bulb is also featured in “Chloe”.

I want to thank Daniel McGovern for taking the time to share his art with us. You can find his work at Let There Be Light Studios.

Feel free to leave any questions you might have for Daniel in the comment section and I will be sure to forward them on to him.

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