Biophilic Design in Architecture • Looking Forward

Biophilic Design in Architecture • Looking Forward

Biophilic design in architecture gives us a bright, sustainable future. How will you incorporate it into your design? Here are some of the amazing benefits.
Top Seven Questions to Ask an Architect

7 Questions You Should Ask An Architect Before Working With Them

Designing a new home requires a lot of planning and preparation for a successful project. This is why you want the services of a professional architect.
The Right Architectural Products Make a Big Difference

Architectural Products You Need to Turn Your Vision into a Reality

Every great building starts somewhere. But, what goes into a completed structure? Learn more about the architectural products in your favorite buildings.
Architectural Design Styles

4 Inspiring Architectural Design Styles for your Dream Home

There are architectural design styles of houses in the United States. With people immigrating from many different cultural backgrounds, a variety of architectural design styles have left their mark on American home architecture. So, naturally,…
Mid-Century Modern Influential Architecture

5 Great Examples of Mid-Century Modern Influential Architecture

In the United States, the influences of what would later become the Mid-century Modern Movement remained strong until the mid-1960s. As a matter of fact, this style came into its own from the International and Bauhaus movements and became an…
Wellness Architecture for Your Home

3 Examples of Wellness Architecture for Your Home

Wellness architecture is cutting edge design and trending. However, this is not only a trend, but it is also here to stay. If you are not yet familiar with this term, here is a brief explanation. According to the Global Wellness Institute,…
Design by Architect Create the Perfect Space

Design by Architect • Create the Perfect Space

A professional architect is who you consult to get the perfect design for your home. You might want a special living or entertainment space or any other number of architectural designs made to your current home or for your new home. In addition,…
Enjoy the Architectural Design of These 7 Regions!

Architectural Design: How Different Regions Affect Design

Architectural design is constantly evolving. When you think about architecture today, it's easy to think of sky-scraping monoliths in an urban environment. With mammoth city centers in Manhattan and Dubai, it's no wonder we think of these things…
What to Consider When Designing a Breezeway

Architecture 101; Designing a Beautiful Breezeway

If you are unfamiliar with the purpose of a breezeway it is typically like a hallway connecting two structures. Many times in residential architecture you would see a breezeway between the main home and a garage or guest house. A breezeway…
Home Styles & Trends

Home Styles – The Latest Trends

Home styles are notorious for changing frequently. Therefore, if you want to adorn your home in the latest styles you have to move quickly. You have to remain aware of what is and what isn't in fashion. Some advice on the latest home styles…
Tips for Designing an Architecture Office
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Designing an Architecture Office – What you Need to Know

So, you’ve done it. You’ve taken the plunge and started your own architecture firm. First of all, congrats for having the bravery to do so! The most difficult part of making a successful startup architecture business is sorting out an office…
Modern Design and Affordability
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Modern Design – It’s More Affordable Than You Think

If we step back to the early eighties it is shocking to see how unobtainable luxury living was. Back then, we didn’t have access to the clothing and technology that is available today. Modern design is a lot more affordable now than we think…