Have you recently moved into a home or want to give your current property an update? There’s no better spot to start with décor decisions than the master bedroom. After all, we spend around a third of our lives asleep.  

We need quality rest to deal with the challenges of life, so our bedrooms must provide a respite. Here are the master bedroom must-haves to factor in as you makeover this special room. 

6 Tips for a Comfortable Master Bedroom

6 Tips for a Comfortable Master Bedroom
Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.
Photography by Stephanie Davis

Quality Foundation 

For you master bedroom start with a quality foundation. You need a strong bed base that will support your mattress and you properly as time goes on. On top, add a mattress that suits your body type and preferred sleeping position.

If you’ve had your old mattress for many years, now is the time to upgrade. There are many options on the market, including eco-friendly products and those designed specifically for people with allergies and asthma.  

Snuggly Bedding 

To achieve a deep sleep each night, you want soft, smooth, silky-on-the-skin bedding that you love to snuggle up in. It pays to choose products made from natural, breathable materials such as organic cotton and bamboo.

Consider having different sheets for different times of the year, too, so you have weight to suit various temperatures. You also need appropriate blankets or quilts to keep you warm during the colder months of the year.  

Don’t skimp on the pillow you sleep on, either. It’s vital to have the right design that doesn’t have an awkward angle or lend too little support. Choose an affordable organic pillow from a trusted brand

that retains its shape and helps you sleep more soundly.

Adequate Storage 

If you want to go to sleep more easily each night and avoid bad dreams revolving around clothing and other items spilling out onto the floor and surrounding you, you require a bedroom with plentiful storage. Having too little space to store your things causes stress and makes it harder to sleep.  

If you don’t currently have the right storage solutions for your needs, see if anything can be done about that. It might be possible to build in a wardrobe, add more shelving up high, use under-bed containers, buy a bed base with built-in drawers, or take advantage of storage space underneath windows.  

Extra Seating 

Beds are designed for sleeping and resting rather than sitting, so it pays to incorporate extra seating options into your master bedroom. It’s nice to have a separate piece of furniture you can use to read or watch TV, or even to use to put on your shoes or sit while you put on jewelry or apply makeup.  

You might like to add a comfy armchair into the corner of your room if space is limited, or even create a whole sitting area in your master bedroom suite if the space permits. For smaller rooms, perhaps locate a pretty upholstered bench at the foot of your bed that coordinates nicely with the bedding, bedhead, or bed frame.  

Suitable Lighting 

6 Tips for a Comfortable Master Bedroom
Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.
Photography by Stephanie Davis

A master bedroom that works efficiently is also one with the right lighting. Since you do a variety of things in your bedroom, you need layered lighting options to suit. For example, you want dim lights when you’re getting ready for bed or wanting to create a romantic mood, and bright lights when you’re getting dressed and need to see more detail.  

It pays to have an attractive chandelier to give you general illumination, plus bedside lamps or downlights for more targeted light. You might want a specific reading lamp near your favorite chair or nook, too.  

A Feature Wall or Artwork for Your Master Bedroom

To further dress up your master bedroom and make it a place you like to be in, it helps to decorate it with show-stopping artwork or a bright, stand-out feature wall. It’s easier to choose the art or wall color first before you pick bedding and other accessories, so keep this in mind when redecorating your restful zone.  

Also, it pays not to have anything too bright facing your bed when you’re trying to shut your mind down and go to sleep. The room’s focal point is generally best situated above your bed, behind you when you lay down.  

Some other key features a master bedroom needs include block-out curtains, enough privacy, a floor-length mirror, and heating and cooling options for extreme weather. Think about all these factors as you design your personal space, and you should end up with a bedroom that provides an oasis of calm and delight.  

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