We all want to put our mark on our homes. They are our corner of the world, after all. It makes perfect sense that we want them to represent us entirely. Even so, many of us resort to the old classics when we turn our hands to home design. It seems we’re all much more comfortable with what we know. If you feel as though your home doesn’t reflect who you are, it might be time to make a change. Thinking outside the box is the best way to make your mark on your home. Throw everything you know out the window and think about what it is you want from your rooms. The results might just surprise you. If you still feel in need of a little guidance, this list should help you out!

Putting Your Stamp on Your Home Design

Putting Your Stamp on Your Home Design

Windows and Doors

Design your home with the details that you can see from both inside and out. Windows and doors are too often neglected when we think about the aesthetics of our home design. Even so, they can be real statement pieces of any house. Why stick to the standard options? Think about painting your door a bright color, so that your house stands out and has curb appeal. You could get a new door altogether. Why not look into custom doors uniquely designed by you and make a personal statement?  With windows, there are many things you can do to jazz them up that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Why not install window boxes underneath each one to add a dash of color. Or, you could install some bright colored shutters. Don’t forget about privacy when designing your windows and door. You might consider window tinting, for the best privacy. Once you have taken care of the outside of the windows focus in on the interior. There are many window treatments you can choose from and the internet offers lots of design blogs that can give you great ideas.

Wall Art

When you’re decorating, there’s no need to stick to block colors. An excellent way to add interest to a wall is to include a little wall art. This is a growing business, and there are many different designs to choose from. If you’re good at art, you could even paint your own design! What better way to say, “this is my home,” than such a personal touch. Or, you could choose your favorite quotes and use them on the wall instead. The trick is to surround your house with the things you love. Inspirational quotes could be a great thing to see each morning!

Homemade Touches

We’re talking about making your home your own so homemade touches would fit in well. There are many furniture options that you could make on your own. Go as extreme as you like, from handmade ornaments to home knitted blankets. You could even reupholster your furniture to give it a new lease of life and ensure no one else has the same thing! Getting creative with upcycling can be a fantastic idea here. Instead of throwing away old jars, why not hang them up and use them as candle holders or vases? You could make your shelves with old pieces of wood to add a rustic touch. Again, think about what would best represent you. And most importantly, have fun! A home designed with fun is sure to look fantastic.


If you aren’t skilled on the sewing machine, there’s plenty of unique furniture you could buy. The trick is knowing where to look. You can find gems in big brand stores, but they’re less likely to create a unique home design. Think, instead, about looking at lesser known brands. Bear in mind that you may pay a little more for these items. The more unique the brand, the more the furniture is going to cost. The good news is, that’s because many such items are unique and made by hand. So, you still get to ensure you’re the only person with that specific sofa! Small independent shops are the best. And remember, you don’t have to stick with traditional furniture. If you want beanbags instead of a couch, or a hammock hung in your living room, go for it! Such unique touches are what many homes are lacking. Be brave enough to get what you want! It can help to indulge your inner child here. Children are much more daring when it comes to this kind of thing!

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