3 Luxurious Decor Ideas for an Empty Wall

If your walls are boring, you might want to uplift them to a new look. Today, we bring you several luxurious decor ideas for an empty wall.
Create a Masterpiece of Fluid Art

How to Create a Masterpiece of Fluid Art

This post is an excellent place to begin if you want to learn how to create a fluid art masterpiece. Here are the steps and tips you need.
Monetizing and Marketing Your Unique Lightroom Presets

How to Monetize a Photographer’s Unique Lightroom Presets

Creative and unique lightroom presets are a great way for photographers to take their photos to the next level with an instant new look.
The Process of Bronze Casting

The Process of Bronze Casting

One of the treasures of ancient history gives is the process of bronze casting. Here are the steps to take to create a bronze casting.
Mood boards why make them and what tools should you use

Mood Boards: Why Make Them and What Tools Should You Use?

Are you starting on a new creative project? If it involves the use of color and themes, your project might just benefit from designing your own mood boards.
5 Tips for Finding the Right Gallery Space

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Right Gallery Space

The biggest challenge to setting up a gallery is finding a perfect gallery venue for rent. So first, follow these tips for finding the right gallery space.
Where to Find Your Perfect Vintage Maps of Florida

Where to Find Your Perfect Vintage Maps of Florida

If you or anyone on your holiday shopping list loves vintage maps of Florida, consider getting it as a gift for them. Here are the steps to take.
How to Achieve A Classy Black and White Gallery Wall

How to Achieve A Classy Black and White Gallery Wall

If you adore black and white color schemes, you are most likely a person of refined tastes: luxury carpets, crystal glasses, and silk underwear. Plus, everything in your home fits and exudes your personality. Furthermore, a life of luxury is…
How to Add an Artisanal Look to Your Home or Office

4 Steps to an Artisanal Look in Your Home or Office

If you want to add an artisanal look to your home or office, you are in the right place. First, how you design your interior reflects your taste to all those around you. By allowing yourself to design an interior for the authentic, artisanal…
Dick Blick Art Supplies

Dick Blick Art Supplies; Are They Ideal for You?

Artists have a great eye for detail for both their art and their art supplies. Of course, that’s no surprise because artists love details. Sometimes, they care so much that a rare masterpiece is born. In most cases when they work on their…
Abstract Art • Why We Love It

Add Flair to Your Room with Abstract Floral Art

There's no better way to put your personal stamp on a home than by add abstract art. A painting adds style to your walls and provides a nice pop of color to accent your existing designs. The contrast of a bright painting in a room with a muted…
Elevate Your Home Décor • 5 Suggestions

5 Economical & Easy Ways to Elevate Your Home Décor

If it's time to elevate your home décor but you’re working with a limited budget, you’re in the right place. That's because sprucing up your interior doesn’t have to blow your budget. Instead, there are easy and economical ways to elevate…