Photo booths are presently a regular feature in parties and events. In fact, they are a great way to create memories and make your event more fun. Your guests will love it when they bring back mementos from your party and even share them with friends and families online.

Due to the high demand for photo booths, many photo booth rental companies are trying to fill a huge demand and there are lots of choices out there. So how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck when renting photo booths?

Photo booth rentals in NYC are on the rise, especially during the summer. You may have enjoyed hard copies of photos in the past; however, photo booths help you get comfier with digital photos. Suppose you want to create a vintage photo with your other half, or with several friends at an event. If so, you don’t need to depend on anyone to create your choice memory.

Today, we’re bringing you tips to help you choose a digital photo booth rental in NYC for a successful event. You can also check this photo booth New York website for ideas on the best booth for your party.

Tips For Photo Booth Rentals In NYC For Your Parties

Digital Photo Booth Rental Tips For NYC Residents

1. Create a backdrop that matches your event.

There’s a feeling the backdrop of your photo gives when you go through the pictures. Black, gray, and white are regularly in use but go further to seek a color that resonates with your event.

Colors like Infinity Vinyl are ideal for a multi-purpose function. In case of an incident, such as a drink or food spill, it is quick to clean, and the memory-creating session goes on as nothing happened.

You can opt for a Tech Green color that can be tweaked to fit into different ideas, backgrounds, and sceneries. Wedding receptions, birthdays, retirement parties can’t go wrong with a Tech Green backdrop, and you can always find this effect at a picture-perfect photo booth.

2. Alternative to Traditional Booth

If you can’t get the normal photo booth, there’s nothing to worry about. Mark an area with tape, set up the desired backdrop, and leave instructions that can help your guests get in and out with a photo.

You can add a rug to the setup to make guests feel comfy, away from the bustles of the event. Go further by adding a seat or two to the setup which not only adds color but helps your aged guests feel relaxed.

A prop box for the booth is ideal and you can build if you don’t have one. An old crate, basket filled with oversized glasses, conversation bubbles, cowboy hats, and feather boas will attract more guests to your little creation and encourage them to take beautiful photos. The more props you put, the more it takes shape as a real digital photo booth rental made in NYC.

4. Get a tripod stand to accommodate your gadgets.

Suppose you’re looking to go digital on your photo booth, a reliable tripod with facilities to accommodate your camera, and/or your tablet is necessary. There should be space to hold the monitor, flash on the stand too.

You’d want to make your setup as simple as possible; thus, the tripod should be multifunctional, so everything doesn’t look out of space and jammed up.

Don’t forget to support the gear with sandbags to hold it in place. Remember that you need a clear picture capturing the smiles, laughs, and intimate moments. Besides holding your gear in position, it’ll help hold any stray cords from causing an incident. Check a New York Photobooths website for different sizes that suit your budget.

• Get a wireless remote for the camera.

There are lots of remotes with wireless functions for different cameras. This is necessary so you wouldn’t mess up your beautiful setup for the photo booth.

You can drop instructions for your guests on how to use the remote, set it to the desired frame and backdrop, and then capture the amazing moment.

For a tablet setup, apps like CamWow, Simple Booth, and Pocketbooth can do the work just fine; provide a countdown and different effects and easy editing tools, as well as easy and fast connection to diverse printers.

• Set up a printer to print pictures.

There are lots of printers that are compatible with cameras. Including this in your gear setup is important to help your guests have a copy they can hold on to for a long time.

Go for a printer that allows the selection of the copy size, and manner of material it’ll come out in between glossy or matte finishes.

• Choose a hashtag to share your event or story.

Don’t forget to create a hashtag that’ll be used to tell stories of your event on social media. You may or may not provide an avenue for printed copies, but some people will take photos with their mobile devices.

Ensure your hashtag is printed out and placed near your photo booth so your guests can join in the fun.

5. A better experience for your guests.

Hiring a digital photo booth rental in NYC comes with lots of benefits. A major point is that they provide a better personal experience. Depending on the vendor you rent your gear from, your beautiful photos can be displayed on the vendor’s social media platforms, making you a star and giving you access to unlimited opportunities.

Another benefit is that it creates an everlasting impression on your guests. Each gear, prop, and setup encourages your family and friends to have a good time in front of the camera.

In conclusion.

A photo booth rental is to create a time for fun and memories. Setting up your booth isn’t difficult, as some vendors are out to take care of your every need. Don’t forget to use the tips to set up a booth, rent the necessary gear for your dream booth, and have a memorable event. Then, step back and have fun posing in front of the camera to keep the memories of the night fresh for a long time.

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