Digital marketing focuses on attracting attention to a business’s brand through visual content. Of course, it is possible to cobble together visual assets from stock images and free tools like Canva and SketchUp. However, most entrepreneurs are simply unable to put together a professional graphic design package. The problem is that good graphic design is truly essential to effective digital marketing.

There are a few ways business owners and leaders can take their digital marketing efforts to the next level. One way is to enroll in an executive digital marketing course that focuses on how to optimize your digital marketing strategy. This might use analytics to hire a team of digital marketing professionals with experience in cutting-edge tactics.

In fact, in-depth analysis of consumer data gives leaders more insight into buying patterns. Fortunately, this allows them to develop more effective digital marketing strategies. In fact, leveraging the technologies to collect and analyze data is a skill requirement of business leadership in the 21st century.

However, one of the first steps businesses need for a solid digital marketing strategy foundation is to invest in graphic design. If this intrigues you, we invite you to continue reading to learn why good graphic design is integral in effective digital marking.

3 Reasons To Use Good Graphic Design In Your Digital Marketing

1. Good Graphic Design Helps Build a Digital Brand.

Graphic artist developing color scheme for good graphic design.

A brand is how a business is perceived and remembered. Of course, it is more than a name and logo. But that doesn’t make the name and logo any less important.

Usually, when a customer first experiences a brand in a digital space, it is through the logo and other visual brand assets. That is why these elements of the brand so essential for digital marketing.

It’s possible to purchase basic branding building blocks from stock image catalogues. But, most of these brand assets are already in use by countless other businesses. When multiple businesses have similar brand images, it confuses the consumers.

Entrepreneurs should strive to give their startup a unique brand image. Interestingly, this means they need to invest in bespoke graphic design to build their brand’s visuals for their digital marketing efforts.

2. It Also Enhances Communication.

Graphic artists looking through photos on laptop and net book.

The phrase “one picture is worth ten thousand words” comes from the first trade magazine for advertisers. Now, as then, it compels marketers to rely more heavily on images than on text. Graphic design conveys messages simply and more effectively than language, which is important for an online audience.

Though American adults spend roughly 24 hours per week using the internet, a user typically only remains on a single page between 10 and 20 seconds. Therefore, businesses have a small window to capture their audience’s attention and draw them into their sales funnel. Optimizing communication with images instead of text is perhaps the best way to use that brief time with an audience.

Of course, communicating through images isn’t as easy as one might expect. Every element of a visual asset alters the message. For example, the precise shade of color and the typography. Graphic designers trained in digital marketing know how to alter visuals to communicate with online audiences. So, it’s important that entrepreneurs leverage this knowledge and skill to benefit their business.

3. Graphic Design Can Make or Break Credibility.

Good Graphic Design setting with hand drawn sketches coming to life on the screen.

Online fraud attempts are radically increasing in number, and eCommerce fraud is skyrocketing in recent years. As a result, online consumers are hesitant to engage immediately with businesses online. Instead, they search for credibility before they make a purchase.

Good graphic design is one of the best indications that a business is trustworthy. Because graphic design can be expensive and time-consuming, typically only legitimate businesses bother to invest in it. Graphic design radically increases the professionalism of a business’s online marketing materials. From its website to social media,  consumers are more likely to feel confident in businesses with good graphic design.

On the other hand, bad graphic design is almost guaranteed to scare customers away. It is a signal that a business rushes its digital marketing efforts. Of course, this sends the wrong message. Therefore, it behooves entrepreneurs to invest in good graphic design at the beginning of their startup, so customers feel comfortable and secure engagement with the business online.

In Conclusion: Good Graphic Design Drives Sales!

Ultimately, it is a business’s goal to convert its audience members into customers and increase its sales. By building a digital brand and communicating a strong branding message, graphic design allows a business to become more visible to consumers. With good graphic design, businesses will make more money from their digital marketing efforts. If you have any questions or suggestions, we always love to hear from you in the comments below. Also below are links to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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