Kitchen designer - Patricia Davis Brown - Mediterranean Style.
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Why Do I Need a Certified Kitchen Designer?

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC Getting it Right! I have been  kitchen designer in the industry for 30 years and so many people I meet who are building a new home or renovating an old home have no idea where to begin…
Office Space – Designed for Two
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Office Space Designed for Two

The internet has changed how a lot of us go to work. There are less brick and mortar offices and many of us work from home. There are many couples living in the same house that need to share one office space and it's important that this space…
Meditation Room Ideas for Your Home
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Meditation Room Ideas for Your Home

Benefits of Meditation Being able to quiet the mind is the ultimate self-control and full of health benefits. I have been practicing yoga for eleven years and I have a goal of eventually surrendering to the practice of meditation. I…
Kid’s Backyard Playgrounds
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Kid’s Backyard Playgrounds; Playing Friendly with Nature

Kid's Backyard Playgrounds Kid's backyard playgrounds do not have to be painted in loud colors or disruptive to the landscape. I think designing play areas that blend in with the geography of the space create the best backdrop for a child…
Modern Trends in Fireplace Design
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Energize the Spirit of Your Home, With Modern Gas Fireplaces

MODERN GAS FIREPLACES The modern fireplaces along with the stylized fire enclosed by shiny metal and colored glass are very much different from the conventional brick fireplaces of the past. The design of modern fireplaces is pushing…
Commercial buildings with Valspar product.

Valspar – Architectural Coatings that LAST!

When I decided to write a blog, I wanted the freedom to expand to many areas of design and I thought to write about all the things I truly dig allowed me to explore, learn and give back information to others with the same interest. I love…
Creating a Luxury Bathing Experience at Home
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Creating a Luxury Bathing Experience at Home

Bathing isn't for everyone, but to me, it is where I retreat every night to decompress. As a certified bath designer, I find that more and more clients are requesting luxury bathing experiences in their home master suite. I get it because I…
5 Interior Design Styles
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5 Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Get Them Just Right

If it is time for you to design a room in your home, your head is probably filled with different colors and patterns right now. There are so many to choose from! Why not pick an overall style for your room? This way, you narrow down what you…
Sexy Martini Bars

Sexy Martini Bars

What Makes a Martini Sexy? When I get all dressed up to go out with my lovely or on a girls night out and the bartender asks me what I'm having, I always request a martini because it's sexy! Why is the martini consider the sexy drink? Is…
Bohemian Room Design
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Bohemian Room Design – 4 Easy Tips

The original Bohemians were refugees from central Europe, "gypsies" that set off a fashion trend in the early years of the 21st century, known as the "boho-chic". Of course, interior design follows fashion trends and the Bohemian style eventually…
Cosentino's quarry visit with the K+B Insiders.
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Cosentino’s Products – Fresh and Disrupting the Countertop World

In my quest to find new fresh materials to add to my projects, I recently toured the Cosentino's factory and was not at all disappointed with what I found. I get so frustrated with the same old look in countertop material, Carrera marble to…
Industrial kitchen design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, showing a signature wall.
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Unique Ways to Design a Signature Wall

Signature Wall with a Punch One of my favorite ways to transform a room is with wall finishes. I like to find unique ways to create what I call a signature wall, making that wall the anchor to the design. To do this you need to create contrast…