The plumbing system is highly crucial in the proper functioning of a house. But, there are always instances when you encounter problems with your plumbing system. Depending on its severity, it might require you to call your plumber contractor.

It’s not advisable to DIY (do-it-yourself) plumbing problems because it only gets worse and causes more damage. Professionals have the right know-how and equipment that solves plumbing problems in a safe and professional manner.

Nevertheless, you need to learn the signs of plumbing issues so you know when to call a plumbing service. So, continue reading if you want to learn how to look for some of the signs of plumbing issues in your home.

How to Know When to Call Your Plumber Contractor

Plumbing Contractors Tightening a Pipe

① Water Leaking

One of the most obvious signs that you have a plumbing problem is water leaks. Usually, these problems are corrected by tightening some fixtures and the gasket or tightening connections. If you still have water leaks, it’s time to call your professional plumber contractor.

Fixing this plumbing problem early on helps you save water and keeps the leaks from getting too serious and becoming a major problem.

② Clogged Pipes

You may notice that your water is draining slower than normal. This condition may point to the fact that you have clogged pipes. If the problem isn’t too serious, you can remedy this with a sewer snake or a plunger. However, there’s a danger when using chemicals to unclog pipes because it causes erosion of the pipes.

For stubborn clogs, get a plumber to identify the problem and find the necessary solutions to help you with your clogged pipes. Calling in the experts early on can give you access to the right materials, tools, and equipment that’ll resolve the problem and keep you from having expensive repairs later on.

Plumbing Contractor at Work

③ A Sudden Drop in Water Pressure

Water that comes out of your faucet in a thin trickle or sputtering faucets is a sure sign that there’s a drop in water pressure. There are many reasons for this sudden drop in pressure, such as a leak in one of your main lines and the possibility of debris and mineral deposits in your pipes that’s keeping the water from flowing through.

A professional plumber contractor can help you identify the root cause of this because it requires probing your lines and investigating the pipes. It’s important to get help soon to get your plumbing system in proper working order as soon as possible.

④ Murky Water

Running water from your taps that turns into the color of rust indicates that you have a plumbing problem. It might also mean that some of your pipes need replacing. Additionally, it’s possible that your water heater may also need replacing.

It isn’t wise to take the chance of drinking rusty water. Instead, call in a plumber contractor immediately to learn where the problem lies and to get your clear, clean water back in order.

⑤ Unusual Odors

If you notice a strong smell that’s unpleasant, like that coming from a sewer, it may be a serious sewer problem. If you wait to fix this problem, you may end up with a sewage backup in your home. Instead, call in the professionals immediately and get your home’s environment and air quality back to normal.

⑥ Puddles in Your Garden or Yard

Both rain and watering your garden cause puddles to form but they naturally drain away. So, if it hasn’t rained recently, the puddles on your garden might be from plumbing problems instead of rain.

If you hose or have a sprinkling system in your garden, the water normally drains away. Puddles don’t form without an explanation, so it might be a sign of burst sewer lines or leaking pipes. Also, a patch of grass that’s greener than the rest also means pooling water and is indicative of a larger plumbing problem.

You need to call in your plumber contractor to learn the real reason for the unusual puddles of water and patches of greenery in your garden. They can fix these with the right equipment, skills, and knowledge.

If your plumbing is not the cause of puddles in your yard, then it may just be that your lawn has poor drainage. To reduce the appearance of puddles in the garden or yard, it’s a good idea to install stonework, brick, tile, or any other kind of path. You can hire a masonry contractor by searching ‘masonry contractors near me’ in Google and other search engines. Masonry has many specialties within the larger field, so one mason may specialize in brick and another in stone. Depending on your project, ask about the materials the contractor is experienced in using.

Burst Pipes in the Wall

⑦ An Indication of Burst Pipes

Burst pipes often happen, especially if there are sudden drops in weather temperatures. But, they normally happen in the winter when the pipes get too cold and freeze. That causes the water to expand which causes the pipes to burst.

Burst pipes are hard to detect since they often happen behind walls and underneath your foundation. You may notice, however, that there are watermarks on your wallpaper or walls that are turning into deep brownish gray. In this case, call in professional plumber contractors to locate the burst pipes and replace them.

⑧ The Sound of Flowing Water

Normally, if you’re not using any water, you shouldn’t hear anything from your plumbing system. However, if there are sounds of water in pipes, even if you’re not using any water, this is indicative of a water plumbing system problem.

Chances are, you have leaks. This also happens in your toilets, so if you hear unusual gurgling sounds, you may have leaks there as well. Check for brown spots on the floor or on the ceiling area since these are places where leaked water is seeping through.

Then, call a professional plumbing contractor so they can repair and identify the problem promptly.

Final Thoughts

The plumbing system is a crucial part of the home that should be properly maintained. It’s good to know some tips in the proper maintenance of a plumbing system.

A plumbing system in good working condition means a comfortable home that functions properly and fulfills all your needs. We suggest that you get professional plumber contractors the moment you sense some problems so you can get your plumbing issues fixed without a hassle.

If there are any thoughts or tips you’d like to add, please feel free to leave a comment below. You will also find several links for more information that you might find interesting.

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