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Top Reasons for a Home Plumbing Inspection

If you’re interested in buying a new house, it’s important to get not only the property inspected but more specifically, the home plumbing. Of course, most people get home inspections, but few realize that there’s another crucial inspection which is the plumbing. Find out what you should expect during your home plumbing inspection.

We’ve listed a few tactics below to help you understand the importance of a home plumbing inspection before you purchase your next new home.

Excellent Reasons to Get a Preventative Home Plumbing Inspection

Home Plumbing Inspector

The Goals of a Home Plumbing Inspection

The goal of a plumbing inspection is to identify issues with incorrect or dated plumbing such as flooding and other serious complications.

Normally, a home inspector only does a superficial examination. Typically, they first check to see if the water comes out of the faucets. Then, they make sure all of the drains work properly and do not collect water. Finally, they test all of the toilets in the home.

Because a home inspector is not a licensed plumber, they don’t have the extensive knowledge needed to check the plumbing in your home. In fact, they may not be able to tell if the plumbing is up to the current standards or if there is a sewer leak in the home.

For these reasons, consider getting a plumbing inspection from a professional with licensing and experience to provide a thorough checklist of potential or immediate plumbing issues.

What do Home Plumbing Inspections Cover?

Your plumber inspector looks at the water filtration systems in addition to checking your fixtures, checking supply lines, and looking at the drains.

Additionally, they investigate:

  • Exposed plumbing
  • Kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sink traps
  • Sinks, baths, and toilets
  • Draining and venting systems in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room
  • Tankless water heater or water tank
  • Sump pump and discharge pump

One of the crucial parts of a plumbing inspection is the sewer camera inspection. During this part of the process, the plumber will snake into the sewer lines and look for tree roots. The good news is, by learning about the roots, there are steps to take to prevent the roots from growing too far into your lines.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Get a Plumbing Inspection for Prevention

With the median home price of $541,250 in Southern California, always insist on an inspection before making a purchase.

Much like you go to a dentist to prevent cavities in your teeth, get a plumbing inspection to prevent leaks and clogged toilets. Because calling an emergency plumber is costly, getting an inspection may save you thousands of dollars.

So, before that emergency arises, contact the plumbers at LeadingEdge Plumbing. They have the experience and skills necessary to identify issues before they cause damage.

When you get ready to buy a new home, be sure to request a plumbing inspection before signing the contract to ensure years of excellent plumbing and service to you and your family. We’ve also included some other designing links below for even more information about caring for your home.

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