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Daylighting; The Value and Benefits for Your Home

Daylighting is the use of windows, skylights, and other methods to bring natural sunlight into your home. There are wonderful benefits of natural light in your home which include a healthier, happier family and lower energy costs. We encourage you to consider the value of increased natural light and refer to window experts for professional help for effective daylighting […]

5 Important Reasons for Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts and vents are often overlooked by homeowners. However, a good part of regular home maintenance is to ensure that you have clean air in your home. Clean, breathable air is paramount for a happy, productive home. Stay on top of unwanted airborne dust, debris, and particles in your home’s air system with regular maintenance. […]


Pool Installation; 5 Things to Consider

Pool installation is a wonderful way to cool off during hot summer months and a fun way to entertain guests. Did you know that nearly 9 million households in the United States own a pool? I believe those pool owners will agree that while pools are a bit pricey, they are worth the expense because […]

Easy Steps to Grow Wildflowers in your Home Garden

Wildflowers stand out in a typical suburban garden where most yards look-alike like a neatly cultivated lawn and traditional border plants. We know that Mother Earth allows these flowers to decorate her yard so why not you? Show your individuality with the use of wildflowers in your yard as a touch of eclectic design. Grow Wildflowers […]


3 Important Tips about Home Heat Recovery Systems

Heat recovery systems dramatically reduce the amount of energy you use through the use of a heat exchange. If you have a large house or your energy bills are particularly high, a heat recovery system is a worthwhile investment. Your initial investment gives you both immediate and long-term benefits. In addition, it reduces the energy you […]

Top 5 Ways to Select the Best Decorative Door Hardware

Decorative door hardware such as handles, levers or knоbѕ аrе thе accents that саn add style and ѕраrklе to every home. Just as thе right nесklасе саn turn a ѕіmрlе drеѕѕ into a fаѕhіоn ѕtаtеmеnt, ѕtrіkіng nеw decorative door hardware accents your home wіth mіnіmаl expense. Whеthеr уоu purchased a new hоmе, hаvе faulty hаrdwаrе, оr wаnt tо […]

5 Ways to Revitalize or Customize Your Hardwood Floor

If you are looking for a hardwood floor product that causes people to drop their jaws when they enter a room, then a customized wood floor is the project for you. When you use the right colors, texture, and design, your hardwood floors bring warmth and endurance to your home. Hardwood floors are considered environmentally […]