5 Tips for Affordable Value-Added Home Improvements

5 Tips for Affordable Value-Added Home Improvements

We all like to improve our surroundings but we also need to be aware of the value-added home improvements that require the least amount of expense and work. Also, keep in mind that the improvements to your home are useful whether or not you…
How to Prepare Your Windows and Doors Before Winter

3 Ways to Prepare Your Windows and Doors for Winter

The best time to assess the condition of your windows and doors is during the summer before it gets closer to the winter months. Nobody wants to be changing their windows or doors when the temperatures drop close to zero. It is also a busy time…
Clearlight Designs • Gorgeous Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Clearlight Designs • Gorgeous Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Clearlight Designs began with etched glass designs with an exceptional technique that was honed to perfection over time. It all began when one day in Darwin, Australia, Warwick Pascoe brought home a sandblaster and began his experimentations…

3 Excellent Ideas to Give Your Home a New Exterior Look

Although we all like to concentrate on the interior, the exterior looks need just as much love and attention. It's about curb appeal that not only makes your home look inviting, but it also helps increase your home's value. Most homeowners…
Exterior Window Shutters Decor and Functionality

4 Styles of Window Shutters for the Exterior of Your Home

Window shutters add a decorative touch to both outside and inside windows. But, they also have a functional purpose even in our modern times. For example, they're excellent for filtering the hot rays of the sun or the cold breezes in winter.…
The Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

4 Reasons to Switch to Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows are an initial expense that some homeowners try to stay away from because of the cost, yet they pay for that decision every day in multiple ways. Here are four reasons to consider a switch to double glazed windows. The…
Find Your Best Home Design and Window Style

Home Design and Why Window Style Has a Big Impact

Gone are the days when the only purpose windows had was to let in fresh air and sunlight to your home. Now they are a means to add personality to your home and in some cases protection from the elements. It is important in home design that…
Reasons to Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Professional Window Cleaners – Why Hire Them?

Why should I hire professional window cleaners? If this is a question you've ever asked yourself, this post is worth reading. Having clean surroundings, including clean windows, improves your life. It's completely up to you how you choose to…
5 Ways Roman Shades are a Great Choice
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5 Benefits for Choosing Roman Shade Window Treatments

Roman shades are the simplest and most practical window treatments that accent the interior while providing levels of privacy from noisy neighbors and bright sun’s rays. The piece of fabric is actually mounted on the window and is pleated…
How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor

How to Hire a Window Replacement Contractor

It is a popular opinion that window installation is a relatively easy process, at least this is what we see when looking at how-to videos online. For this reason, a lot of people think about installing their window without professional help.…
Window Replacement – 4 Reasons to Use a Local Company

Window Replacement – 4 Reasons to Use a Local Company

Is it time to do a window replacement? Before you go down that road read our tips on why you should hire a local window company to do the work.

Home Design – Consider your View Through the Window

When I am evaluating a plan or even a remodel it is so important to me to consider the windows in each room. Their orientation, shape, and the view will impact the home design. In looking at a new plan I have options to change things that…