We all like to improve our surroundings but we also need to be aware of the value-added home improvements that require the least amount of expense and work. Also, keep in mind that the improvements to your home are useful whether or not you plan to sell your home. Don’t you think you and your family deserve to enjoy the improvements as much as any prospective buyer? So, why not treat yourself?

However, the next question is which improvements add enough value for you to get an adequate return on your investment to make it worth your while. Of course, if you need help making those improvements, call on the services of general contractors to provide the assistance you need for a beautifully finished project.

To help you get started, here are some home improvement suggestions for you to consider.

Add Value to Your Home with These Suggestions

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Add-Value Home Improvements

A redo of the bathroom is always a good choice for a home improvement project because it adds quite a lot of value to the home. However, instead of gutting it out and replacing the plumbing and walls (very expensive), try a mid-range project first.

A mid-range project consists of bathroom tiles, fixtures, lighting, and countertops. None of these improvements involve completely gutting the bathroom and starting over, so there is less cost up front. That places this tip at the top of the list of value-added home improvements.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Makeover Add-Value Home Improvements

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms when it comes to home improvements. The reason is that remodeling a kitchen adds a good deal of value to the home because it is the room that many buyers consider to be the most important.

There are quite a few different things you can do to improve the kitchen:

  • Upgrade the cabinets and countertops
  • Get new energy-efficient appliances
  • Upgrade the flooring
  • Add a new faucet and sink
  • Paint the walls or cabinets

All of these improvements involve upgrading what is already in the kitchen rather than installing brand new additions like a kitchen island. It is not necessary to do all of these improvements all at once. In fact, it’s not necessary to do all of them.

Room Conversion

Attic Makeover Add-Value Home Improvements

Unless they’re buying a mansion, homeowners always want more space. One way of getting that space is by adding a room to the house, but that’s an expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming process.

An easier, more affordable method to get more space and add value to the home is to convert an existing room. Rooms like basements or attics easily convert into a guest room. It can even be rented out to tenants, which helps recoup the cost of the conversion.

Other alternatives are to convert a bedroom into a family room or a game room. Fortunately, with a room conversion, you can significantly add to the value of your home without having to take your house apart.

Replacement Windows

Add-Value Home Improvements

New windows are an affordable way to improve the home and if you replace a set of 3 x 5-foot windows, you can recover nearly 90% of what you spent in energy savings.

In any climate, replacing the old windows with new ones that reflect heat or cold and keep the rooms at an even temperature is always a great idea. However, you can go even further and invest in windows that have argon gas between the panes since that design helps to regulate the transfer of cold and heat. That means the rooms with those windows will stay cool during the summer and keep warm during the winter.

Stick to the Simpler Projects

It doesn’t cost a lot to make improvements that add significant value to the home. As you see, there are numerous, affordable ways to make your home more valuable to future buyers.

Additionally, there is no need to spend a lot of money adding new rooms, gutting old ones, or buying expensive new appliances. In fact, those might be detrimental to the home’s value if they don’t fit in with the overall design and feel of the house. So, when it comes to affordable value-added home improvements, it’s best to stick with the modest projects.

It is our hope that you’ve gained inspiration from this article for improving your home. If you have any questions or would like to add to these suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. Additionally, there are more wonderful, designing links below for your further enjoyment.

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