When decorating our homes, many of us pay extra for pre-made furniture and decorations, just out of convenience and ease on our behalf.  However, our homes are a reflection of our own individual flair, so naturally, we want to make them look as best as can be.  It’s unlikely that many people are willing, or can afford, to revamp their entire home or hire an interior designer to make their home look like an on trend décor catalog.  By refreshing your kitchen with new glass ingredient holders, or making DIY wooden signs to welcome visitors into your dwelling, you can update your home without clearing out the bank. There are so many DIY home ideas for you to choose from.

6 Inexpensive DIY Homes Ideas to Make Your House Beautiful 

6 Inexpensive DIY Homes Ideas to Make Your House Beautiful

1. Plastic Hanging Planter

Instead of using ceramic plant hangers, use the bottom of an empty plastic bottle, and paint it the color you desire.  Thread rustic lengths of string, or thin rope, through two holes on each side of the pot, in order to hang your new DIY masterpiece up in prime placing.  The finished product will be perfect for indoor plants and will bring a feel of the outdoors inside. It also benefits the environment by upcycling old plastic bottles to produce something beautiful rather than adding to landfill sites.

2. Mason Jar Lighting Fixtures

To add a rustic edge, you don’t need to go buy expensive lighting fixtures to refurbish your home.  Instead, simply change out your current light bulb or lighting fixture for mason jars. Not only will it make your home warm and inviting, but it will save you money from buying expensive lighting fixtures.

3. Rustic Wooden Signs

If you’re feeling extra creative, then try making your own wooden signs to welcome guests into your newly refurbished home!  All you need is a used wooden pallet. The best thing about this is that they’re usually free, as people want to get rid of them after use.  But how do I decorate the pallet? Well, there are a couple of ways to do this. A manual engraving is one of them, using a sharp knife and a mallet for a rustic look. For a slightly cleaner cut, you could use the method of laser engraving. Laser engraving is where the top surface of the material is removed in order to create wording or designs on different materials.  These DIY home ideas are lovely for older houses and country homes. You can even bring them outside in the cold months for the feel of fall.

4. Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Lighting

When thinking about refreshing your home, the outdoor area is often overlooked. But the outdoor living space is just as important as the inside! This idea is perfect for those warm summer evenings when hosting an outdoor party after dark. There are many ideas for outdoor lighting, depending on how temporary or permanent you want the fixtures to be.  For example, different sized mason jars can be used for hanging outdoor lights. Just take the lid off, add in a decorative chain, pop in a candle, and then place the lights around the property perimeter. For a party that carries on into dark hours of the night, drape string lights around plants and over fences. This creates a beautiful light atmosphere. The best thing about these lights is that once you finish, just take them down and put them in storage.

You can even use old aluminum cans, drill holes in them, and then place a candle in there. They make amazing lanterns, and you can make designs out of the holes as well.

5. Natural Beauty to Brighten Up Your Home

When having indoor dinner parties, usually the centerpiece is the main event, but now, the napkins will steal the spotlight.  Brighten up your table with some floral napkin rings. In these moody and dreary winter months at the beginning of the year, it is nice to introduce the natural beauty of spring early. Pick some small flowers such as pink cherry blossom, saxifrages, and chamomile flowers and weave them together like you would a daisy chain.  You can also match the flower’s color to the particular mood you want to prepare for the dinner party.

6. DIY Home Ideas- Floating Candles 

For a source of soft ambient light to create a warm feeling on a frigid winter night, try floating candles. Find a glass holder such as a small fish bowl, mason jars, or tiny vases, and then fill with water. I like to use stemware like large goblets, they work great! Finally, place some small tea lights on top of the water; if desired you can also add some flowers for some extra color.

So, whether you just want to add something a little special to your home, or completely refurbish it, you can do it without breaking the bank. You can transform your home into something amazing if you do some of these DIY home ideas.

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