6 Steps to Determine Whether to Sell or Rent Out Your House

Should You Sell or Rent Out Your House? 6 Things to Consider

When you buy a new house but still own your old, do you sell or rent your house? If it's hard to decide, here are six ways to find your answer.
Why You Need Landlord Insurance

Tenants Making Your Life Hard? Here are 3 Things the Landlord Insurance Will Do For You

Landlord insurance must be your first priority before you get tenants in your rental property. This is important because if you have rental properties, it is necessary to protect yourself from certain liabilities from renting to tenants. If…
4 Tips to Transform Your Home Into an Income Property

Income Property: Tips for Transforming Your Home

As cities and towns grow, many homeowners are considering the possibility of transforming their home into an income property. It's a massive undertaking though, and there are some very specific things that should be considered. While having…
4 Things to Never Do as a Tenant

Tenant-Landlord; 4 Things to Not Do as a Tenant

When you're a tenant, it can feel like the place you live is never truly yours. Rather, it's something that you're borrowing; it's not your house, but it is your home. It's a strange in-between kind of arrangement because of course, you are…
6 Rules to Being a Successful Landlord

Becoming a Landlord – How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Managing Rentals

The tenant-landlord relationship is one that is often fraught with difficulties, and one experience with a bad tenant can distress you forever when it comes to renting your property out. Many of us dream of buying some investment properties…