Can Wildlife Damage Your Solar Panels?

Can Wildlife Damage Solar Panels?

While it’s a commonly held idea that solar panels are the best choice for energy, from an ecological perspective, there may be hidden layers to the problem. One of those layers is the relationship between solar panels and local wildlife. Can…
Signs that your home has a foundation problems.

Foundation Problems – 8 Things to Watch for

Home Foundation Problems   When your home is experiencing foundation problems, the damages that can occur have the potential to become incredibly expensive. By staying on top of home repairs, and knowing what warning signs to look…
Renting Vs Buying A Home Which Is Right For You

Renting Vs Buying A Home: Which Is Right For You?

This article discusses what you need to know about renting vs buying a home, as well as the factors to consider to make the best choice.
3 ways to protect your design proposals and presentations
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Protecting Your Interior Design Proposals and Ideas

Here are some of the things you can do to legally protect your interior design proposals and presentations:
Independence Day Cocktails - Healthy Summer Cocktails - Watermelon Martini

Happy 4th of July with Independence Day Cocktails

The Fourth of July is here and that means celebrating Independence Day in style. Why not enjoy your holiday with one of our, "Clean Drink Happy Hour" cocktails? These two have been our most popular and I thought a reshare of them was the thing…
May 14th, Daily Intention

May 14th, Daily Intention

Daily Intention Cherish a good friend because they are not easily replaced. For more PATTYISMS.
Blogging Design Network to Expand Globally

Blogging Design Network to Expand Globally

Today we have a special article to share on Dig This Design in reference to teaming the blogging design network with one of the world’s leading consumer-goods shows, to expand their reach into the world of North American design and blog community.…