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Foundation Problems to Look Out for


When your home is experiencing foundation problems, the damages that can occur have the potential to become incredibly expensive. By staying on top of home repairs, and knowing what warning signs to look out for, you can ensure that you repair your home’s foundation before any major issues arise. To help you keep your home and its foundation safe, here are eight signs that your home may have foundation issues: 

1. A “Sinking” Feeling Can Mean Foundation Problems

No other warning sign on this list is as incredibly dire as experiencing a “sinking” feeling in your home. If this problem is left unaddressed, it could lead to irreparable damage and put you and your family in danger. If your home sinks far enough, it could lead your local code office to label your home as uninhabitable. When you feel a “sinking” feeling in your home, you should contact a trusted Charlotte foundation repair company ASAP

2. Cabinets are Falling

If a cabinet, counter, or other fixture suddenly comes unstuck from a wall (or if it falls completely off), it’s likely that your foundation has become tilted. Being sure to double-check any instances of cabinets falling is key though, as it’s always possible that there is some other problem happening behind the scenes. A professional building examiner can help you determine whether your home’s foundation is truly the problem. 

3. Cracked Drywall Can be a sign of Foundation Problems

Drywall is made to last for decades without any serious problems. If you suddenly find yourself discovering large cracks in your drywall, it could be a sign that your foundation is having serious issues. Vertical cracks are particularly commonplace when your foundation is experiencing problems, so be proactive with your repair efforts immediately after seeing any cracks in your drywall. Replacing drywall is both expensive and frustrating, so make sure you stay on top of looking out for this important warning sign. 

4. Unexplained Gaps Between Exterior Windows and Walls

You should never find visible gaps between the exterior windows and walls of your home. If you do happen upon these types of gaps, you need to get someone out to your property to check up on your foundation immediately. Even if your foundation ends up being fine, you’ll want to repair these problematic gaps ASAP to prevent future foundation problems from arising. Doing so will ensure that you do not experience frustrating, and avoidable, drafts and heat waves inside your home in the near future as well. 

5. Wall and Floor Cracks

Cracks can occur on all types of surfaces in your home if your foundation needs repairs. Floods can exacerbate this problem even further. All types of walls and floors can experience expensive-to-correct, and potentially-dangerous cracks when your foundation is aging. Especially if the cracks are happening in heavier materials, you need to get to the bottom of the cause of the cracks

6. Warped Floors and Ceilings are a Sign of Foundation Problems

Cracks are not the only type of damage floors, ceilings, and walls experience when your foundation is crumbling. Warping is another commonplace type of damage that’s typically connected to a poorly-maintained foundation. If the foundation’s issues are causing your building to compress, warped ceilings and floors are almost certain to appear after a while, so make sure to keep your eyes out for these important warning signs. 

7. Musty Smells Coming from the Basement 

One of the most frustrating warning signs of a damaged foundation, musty smells can quickly make your home horribly uncomfortable to live in. If these musty smells are coming from the basement, it’s a clear sign of foundational damage. The sooner you deal with the foundation damage, the sooner you’ll have a normal, pleasant-smelling home to live in again. Oftentimes, foundation damage is paired with water damage, which can make the musty smells that much worse. 

8. Your Walls Look Odd or Unusual 

Warping and cracking are the most common types of damage that point toward foundational issues, but other odd and unusual forms of damage can occur as well. If you’ve noticed that your walls look odd, you should call in a building inspector as quickly as possible. Doing so can help you avoid expensive damages that will build up if you leave the problem unaddressed. 

Be Proactive With Your Home’s Foundation At All Times

By staying proactive with your home’s foundation repairs, you can save yourself a lot of money and heartache. When foundation issues become too extreme, they can end up costing you as much as a brand-new mortgage. In the worst cases, they could even cause you to have to abandon your home while the repairs are made. By looking out for each of these eight warning signs, you can take care of any foundation damage in your home before it’s too late. 

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