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Open Plan Concept - Keeping it Cozy
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Open Plan Concept – Keeping it Cozy

The open plan concept is popular in today's home design. Whether it is new construction or a remodel where I am removing walls to give a more open design, people simply crave it. There is an art to getting it right because too much open can…
Layered Lighting Works Best In Home Design
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Layered Lighting Works Best In Home Design

If you’ve ever redesigned a room, you’ll know how important it is to get the lighting right. But despite its importance, there’s relatively little advice out there on the subject. Much of the focus is on the colors, and the decor and…
Furniture trends at ICFF - glass coffee table.
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2016 Furniture Trends Seen at ICFF

I had the opportunity to be a part of New York Cities, NYC X DESIGN, a gathering of the design world. Every year from May 10 through the 21st a mingling of architects, graphic designers, fashion-world entrepreneurs, and furniture craftsmen are…

How to Correctly Light Over The Dining Room Table

How to light over dining room tables. Where to hang a chandelier over a table, distance from the chandelier, and other design ergonomics.
How To Design A Sustainable Horse Stable

How To Design A Sustainable Horse Stable

A post about sustainable materials to consider when designing an eco-friendly horse barn. Learn to determine if your products are "green".
geometric glass pendant lights in blue background

4 Tips: How To Use Lighting Design To Create The Perfect Mood

The right lighting can transform a boring house into a welcoming home. Before making any commitments, think about these four ways to use home lighting to its full potential. Add Dimmer Switches Designs by Patricia Davis Brown Designs,…
Designs by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

Creating Just The Right Mood Through lighting; Tips for Mood Lighting Your Room

Everyone has moved into a home with less than optimal lighting. Her are some great tips for creating just the right mood with lighting.
Master bathroom double sink vanity with marble floor tile and counter top. White painted wood wall paneling, recessed lighting and sconces for layered lighting plan
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Tips To Designing A Layered Lighting Plan For Your Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is a place where you perform many tasks from relaxing to personal grooming and it is important to have ample light to perform each and every task. A layered lighting design will give complete control to the person who is…
lighting design guide how to with placement and beam spreads for plans and elevations
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How to Light a Vanity Correctly – A Lighting Design How To

Lighting a bathroom needs to have great consideration. This is a room where you do multiple tasks and it is important that you have the ability to see well while performing them. Hotel bathrooms are notorious for bad lighting. I'll never forget…
Legrand & Hubbardton Forge Collaboration
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Legrand & Hubbardton Forge Collaboration for Seamless Design

I am an Interior Designer who knows the importance of proper lighting. I want to make sure all of my designs are viewed in the best light. I have studied lighting design for many years and I am always searching for companies that develop the…
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Tips To Design Inside & Under Cabinet Lighting From Patricia Davis Brown

In this episode of Design Tips From a Pro, Interior designer and lighting expert, Patricia Davis Brown shows you the best way to use lighting for the interior and underside of a wall cabinet. Patricia goes over the placement and current LED…
Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Lighting Every Room In Your Home Beautifully

Every family wants to have lighting in their home that is attractive, but choosing lighting can be difficult if you're not sure what to be calculating and planning for. Fixtures often do not match the furniture in the room, and the lights can…